New Product Review: Brightech’s Maxwell LED Shelf Lamp

I adore lamps. Give me the option of turning on an overhead light or turning on a lamp and I’ll choose a lamp every time. There’s something so …cozy…about a lamp. Somehow the light seems warmer. I mean, maybe I just need to change the bulbs in my overhead lights for better ones, or maybe I’m really on to something here!

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A little over a year ago, I did a review for Brightech’s SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp. (CLICK HERE to read that review!) I had a great experience with Brightech and their product, so when they reached out again and asked me to review a different lamp, I happily agreed!

This time around, I checked out their Maxwell LED Shelf Lamp.

It’s a floor-standing modern lamp with display shelves included! I’d call it a slim piece, but it looked like the shelves might could add some extra storage, too!

When the lamp arrived, I almost didn’t even notice the box, it was so compact. In fact, it went right into our spare room with the tons of Christmas presents that were being daily delivered, and I had to go back and retrieve it.

(Computer mouse there for size reference)

As I opened the box, I thought I must have mis-read the measurements on the lamp – It was all packed so nicely into a box I couldn’t imagine it fitting into…but it was the full lamp! All 63 inches tall of it!

Assembly was EXTREMELY easy. Brightech offers easy straight-forward instructions for putting their lamps together, and not only did the box hold each and every piece I needed, but they threw in a couple of extras, in case I lost anything along the way. How thoughtful!

The finished piece is PERFECT. Just right for a corner that needs a lot more light and a little bit of storage or decor!

Whatcha think? I added a few pieces of decor so everyone can see the amount of space it offers on the shelves!

Definitely a quality piece that would look excellent in most any room – especially since it comes in four different finishes!

Once more, a fabulous experience with Brightech with their Maxwell LED Shelf Lamp. Fresh and simple website, great customer service and superior product. Floor lampsstring lightsmagnifier lampstable lamps – they have them all! OH! And FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! That’s a deal I can definitely get on board with!

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