New Product Review: August Smart Lock Pro

We’ve been doing some major extra childproofing around our house. Why, you ask? Well…the girls are now two years old. They are fantastic little teammates who are bright, eager, and extremely curious. And FAST. Have I mentioned that they’re FAST?! Even though we’ve been “childproofed” for a while around here, it seems like they keep finding ways around our best efforts! 

One of their new discoveries is how to unlock and open doors. They’re so tickled with themselves when they accomplish this feat, and it IS pretty cute…but we live out in the country on over an acre of land, with woods behind us and a pond just to our east. If the unimaginable happened…gosh. I can’t even think about it.

So we decided that one thing we needed to add in to our childproofed home was a new lock for the front door. Specifically, a new smart lock.

We ended up going with an August Smart Lock Pro


Looks pretty simple, right? As I dug into the box a bit, I was happy to see that it WAS indeed pretty simple. Not a ton of moving parts or long instructions with a million pieces. Everything was simply stated and neatly included in the same box.



And there you have it: sleek, modern design. It looked as if it would seamlessly fit any door on any home! Time to try it on ours!


My hubby had our old lock off and this new one on in under 10 minutes flat. But it was nice to know there was a help line, incase he ran into any issues.


The great thing about this lock for us is that it’s installed on the INSIDE of the door. That meant, number one, that the girls had no way to open it themselves. Literally. We breathed a sigh of relief on that front, for sure! Number two, it also meant that no one on the outside could see that we just got a brand new lock. No appearances changed outwardly, which then obviously didn’t draw any attention from would-be troublemakers. Win!


With a little bit of setup of the corresponding app on our smartphones, the lock seamlessly opened and closed at the touch of a finger via our screens. And we could still manually unlock the door, as well. It’s simply an added layer of security, and a great way for you to give others access to your door if you want them to have it…just by allowing them to control the lock from their phones, too. I imagine this will really come in handy as the kiddos get older and have their own devices!

All in all, if you’re tech junkies like we are, this is a great investment, and a nice upgrade to any door in your home! Ease of installation and use are both plusses in my book, too. I also like the fact that it will work along with your original lock. That offers a great convenience of it’s own!

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Do you have any smart locks in your home? 

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