New Homes and Common Problems

Buying a home (whether it’s new to you or new overall) is probably one of the most exciting and scary things that happens in our lives. On the one hand, you’ve spent time and effort to make enough money to afford a new home, and on the second, the home might not be all that it’s cracked up to be once you dig a little deeper. So what exactly are these common problems in homes and what be done about them?

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Well, everyone wants to make sure that everything they get is what is advertised. However, that may not always be the case. This is especially true when it comes to homes. So to help you identify what kind of problems the home might have, we’ve put together a list of the most common problems that new homes have.

It Was Hastily Renovated

One of the problems when buying a pre-built home is the fact that it might not have been properly renovated for new occupants. This means that the building might not be up to par with building codes in your state, and was simply renovated to sell. These types of renovations would pose a very real danger for you as these buildings could have a much shorter lifespan compared to those that were properly renovated.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do here is to make sure that you check the building and renovation records of the building you’re buying. You should also check the important parts of the building that ensure your safety. This includes the electrical system and supports. Disregard any aesthetic upgrades as these are meant to distract you from the real problems. 

Wear and Tear

If you’re buying a second hand home, then you could either hit the jackpot and get a wonderful place to live or you could end up with a dump that you’re going to need to renovate yourself. The biggest problem is that some contractors may hide the fact that the place has problems. This includes structural wear and tear like ceiling leaks, faulty electrical wiring, and malfunctioning heating or cooling systems.

What Can You Do?

The best thing you can do in this situation is either pass on the home and look for another or take on the challenge of restoring the place. The latter option will cost you more time and money , however, so be wary of how deep the problems of the home are.

Sub Par Materials Were Used in it’s Construction 

One of the things that can happen when a new home is constructed, is that the building company will end up using sub par materials in the construction. This obviously has a number of problems that will not be initially obvious when you’re just moving in. However, as the years go by, you can expect these sub par materials to start failing and it can cause your home’s roof to spring leaks, your walls to start cracking and many other problems

What Can You Do?

The best solution to this is to make sure that you inspect the home thoroughly before agreeing to pay for it. This makes sure that you can double check possible problem areas like the roof and support walls or columns that hold the entire building up. Another great solution is to make sure that the house was built by a trustworthy contractor like TMB Development who ensures that only the best quality products are used in the home’s construction.

Have you ever run into an issue such as detailed above when buying a new home?

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