New Additions

Okay, you guys know the drill…

As we get more and more settled in our new home (is it still new if we’ve been here for 9 months now?), I pick up things in my free time (HA! What the heck is FREE TIME?!) and add them to our house. Now begins another post to share  those with y’all! Maybe you’ll get some good ideas, and maybe you can give me some good ideas, too! Note: I don’t bring things into the house unless I LOVE them. I don’t see a point in being surrounded by “stuff”, much less stuff that I think is “just okay”.

1. Desk in Home Office


You can see that we’re still working on getting this one settled, but we were gifted a brand new desk at Christmas for our home office! Now we can both sit in the same room and work at the same desk! The one before barely accommodated one person!

2. Candles and candlesticks in Living Room


The candlesticks were actually a White Elephant gift over Christmas, can you believe it?! I liked them! So I grabbed some candles for them and decided to use them!

3. Picture frame in the Living Room


See that pretty frame we were gifted at Christmas? I love how it goes with the Living Room decor! Now, to find a photo of us to place in it…

4. Coffee table centerpiece in the Living Room


I had the decorative balls and fillers and tray previously, but the lanterns were purchased before Christmas and used in our Christmas decor! When it was time to take down the Christmas decorations, I had grown so attached to the lanterns that I didn’t want to put them away!

5. New clock and wall decor in the Kitchen


This is the wall next to the door into our garage. Notice our keys and a few reminders pasted.

What’s new is…


…this clock. This is actually the third clock that I’ve had in the kitchen, the reason being, the door into the garage tends to swell when the weather changes. Which means when we leave, we lock the inside, and then have to close it rather hard to make it shut. In this manner, two clocks have fallen from the wall and shattered. I chose this one because I figured it would at least bounce, ha!

Also new is…


…the wall decor. I just picked this up over the weekend to balance out the wall. (It looked kind of funny with a big empty space beneath the clock!)

6. New above-the-cabinet accent in the Kitchen


My mom found the teapot that matches the set of my grandmother’s dishes while she was doing a bit of antiquing. I was able to add it to the accents that sit atop my cabinets in the kitchen!

7. New Keurig!


Our other one had bit the dust, and after about a month of not having one…I begged my hubby to get another one. This is a different model than we had before, but still a wonderful piece of equipment!

8. Candle holder in the Foyer


One of our guests at our New Year’s Eve party brought this for us! So pretty! And I LOVE Willow Tree!

9. Handmade tray


Another of our New Year’s Even guests brought us this – he made it for us! Is it not gorgeous?! It hasn’t brought me breakfast in bed yet, but I’m hopeful! HA!

10. Wall decor


You may be thinking, “Wait a minute, I think I’ve seen this in her house already.” You may have…but it would have been a plaque that I have in our Guest Room Bathroom. This one was yet another gift from New Year’s Eve guests (don’t we have fantastic guests?!) and I’ve hung it in the entryway to the kitchen. You can never have too much hand-washing around here!

11. Wall clings in the Hallway


Yes, I did a post on these, but they’re still new! Love them!

So that’s about all that’s new around here! What’s your favorite? Anything new around your home? I’d love to hear about it!

88 thoughts on “New Additions

  1. Well, first thing is I am happy you are a Coke fan because if I saw Pepsi I would have to stop reading you. I am in deco mode again….looking at new paint colors, I will be sharing soon. I still think it is a new house until the 1 yr mark. 🙂

  2. Love the kitchen clock! That handmade tray is amazing…hmmm…maybe Valentine’s Day will bring something nice on it. LOL The foyer is the perfect place for your Willow Tree candle holder, as the pineapple is a symbol of welcome. Your mom made a great find with that companion teapot. 🙂

    Nine months…it’s still new! You haven;t even experienced a full year of firsts yet. Looks like you are having fun.

    ~ Lorelai
    Life With Lorelai

  3. I think it all looks very nice! I especially like your new kitchen clock (it is so cool!), the wall clings, and the handmade tray. Just about anything handmade is special I think. It is so good to support local artisans. Thanks for sharing with us….. I really enjoyed it. God bless! 🙂

  4. The candlesticks are pretty. I too gave away some nice candlesticks as White Elephant gifts. I had no room for them and someone else will be happy.

  5. I totally adore the candlesticks and the picture frame! You added just the right touches to make everything look so comfy and cozy!

    • Thank you, Isabella! Yes, CoCo the black kitty watched me assemble the centerpiece. I think it bored her. Now, when I had faux apples in the centerpiece, she was VERY interested in that. Especially at about 3:00 a.m., she always decided that was the best time to knock them off and bat them across the wood floors.

    • Do what you can to get one, Becca! (That would be a great giveaway for me to do here on the blog, right?!) It has saved me so much time and so much Starbuck’s money, ha! And it’s great if you have guests often. Everyone’s happy!

  6. I want that tray,it is beautiful. I have a desk that is similar and using it for two is impossible here. Of course my partner is my 4 year old and he refuses to stay on his side. He also took over my office, lol.

  7. You did an awesome job with the decorations. I love decorating my house and love heading to Home Goods where they have the most adorable things for my house. I’m really loving that kitchen clock!

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