My Discouraging Dining Dilemma…SOLVED!

Some of you may remember this post (CLICK HERE) from EXACTLY a year ago today. (Woah. I didn’t realize it had been exactly a year until I looked at it – that’s kinda freaky!) ANYWAY, some of you may remember my “My Discouraging Dining Dilemma” post. I wasn’t sure what to do with my Dining Room! Have you ever been there with a room? Lots of ideas, but you’re not sure what will work, and you’re not a professional, so you’re scared to mess something up? Hello! Welcome to my life! HA!

Well, I think I’ve FINALLY finished our Dining Room! So I wanted to share with everyone!

Are you ready?!

Here’s the “before”…



…and here’s the “after”.


Whatcha think?! Let me do a little explaining…

When you walk into our front door, the Dining Room is immediate on your left, separated from the Foyer by a partial wall.


No, it’s not a big space, but it’s a very versatile one!

The problem before was a lack of color, but I really didn’t want to do too much in the room since it’s on the smaller side. So…


We hung a light fixture. You can’t see the light fixture in the “before” shot because it was just a small single-globe fixture, all the way at the top of the cathedral ceiling. But my hubby picked this out and I really loved it! We set it on a dimmer, so we can get the perfect amount of light no matter what meal we may be partaking in! But most times, the light from the window is just right.

And speaking of the window…


I added some really light and airy curtains to the window. At first I was searching for something bold and bright – some kind of red floral curtains – I wasn’t entirely sure. But then I decided I didn’t want anything heavy, and my “theme” for the Dining Room was something like “Paris in Springtime”. But not too fru-fru…and the colors had to coordinate with my grandmother’s china.


And this is my grandmother’s china! It’s pretty much what fills the hutch, along with some of her crystal and a few other special pieces, so I wanted the colors of the room to make these colors known, too!

So I tied the colors in to the decor I chose for the top of the hutch…


…decor which can easily serve multiple purposes…just how I like it!


It’s always good to have large glass containers like these on hand, right?

I added simple table decor…


…got rid of the extra chairs and hung two small mirrors on either side of the hutch. (Oh, and if you missed my post on how to cover chairs, CLICK HERE!


So there you have it!

PicMonkey Collage T

I tossed around the idea of adding an accident wall, but I didn’t want to make the space feel smaller than it is. Do you think I should go ahead with it or leave it all as-is? (I’m especially interested to hear HONEST opinions from my interior designer friends!)

OH! If you want to see tons more great projects, check out this fantastic link-up from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs! You can find it here:

54 thoughts on “My Discouraging Dining Dilemma…SOLVED!

  1. Your new lighting looks almost exactly like mine. When we moved in, I didn’t like the glass globes they had on the one in our dining room, so I just changed them out.

  2. Removing the chairs and adding light really opened up the room. I like a lot of light in the dining room too! The chandelier is beautiful. I don’t think I would add the wall, the looks great as it is now, very inviting!

  3. I love what you did in your dining room-it does look brighter and more open now. That was a good idea to match colors to your Grandmother’s china (beautiful china by the way).

    • Thank you, Michele! I love her china – if I had 1 minute to get stuff out of the house in an emergency, I’d grab some of it, for sure!

  4. I think it looks great the way it is. You did a great job!!! And you reminded me that I haven’t shown the before and after pics of my dining room or daughter’s bedroom. Yikes!

  5. Looks great, simple, and not cluttered. I love your grandma’s china – they used to own such beautiful things back in the day! Now we have those plain looking ones and the fancy ones are way too expensive!

    • You’ve got that right, Zan! When we got married and I had looked at the chinas to register, I was SHOCKED at how much they are!

  6. It turned out beautifully. We always used our formal dining room for a play room. The next house it is going to be the home school class room. If we had enough room I would love a formal dining room though.

    • Well, since there’s no breakfast nook in the kitchen, it’s the only place we have to eat! I’ve often said I would use the space for something else if we had a nook and didn’t have so many people over all the time LOL

  7. Wow !!!Looks amazing and much better than before. Every single details like the decor items, curtains ,chandelier and the table runner looks awesome.I personally feel the center piece(Flower pot) can be a shorter one and some kind of flat base covered with a bush of flower instead of single long one so that it be it will be good when you sit and dine.

    • Now that’s a good point about the centerpiece, Sahana! I’ll look for something else – I do like to have a few different ones so I can change them out during the year, ya know?

    • Exactly, Amanda! I try to re-do things in the most cost-effective way possible, too LOL so lots of times that means just a few little changes πŸ™‚

    • Exactly, Heather! Once we got it up, I was extra impressed with my hubby’s fixture-picking skills LOL

    • Sometimes little is big, and I’m glad it worked out that way this time LOL Thanks for your comment, Tiffany!

    • Thanks, Amanda! My hubby’s head is gonna get big with all these light fixture comments LOL

    • Thank you, Ann! Yes, special indeed! It’s nice to have something of hers close to me!

    • Ah, I was especially interested in your comment, Veronica! I’m no interior designer like you, but thank you πŸ™‚

  8. Lighting is everything! Lighting whether light fixtures or daylight through a window can change the atmosphere entirely. As you say, what’s crucial in a dining area is to be able to adjust the lighting to create the right atmosphere or eating.
    BEAUTIFUL! And, I love our granny’s China! Enjoy! HUGS <3

    • You are exactly right, Judy – lighting can certainly change the entire atmosphere! Lots of natural light in this home, and I like to show it off! Thanks for your kind comment!

  9. I love the new light and curtains. It really does make it look lighter and more elegant but not overly done. Love your china too. Beautiful.

    • Thank you, Pam! That’s exactly what I wanted: elegant but not overdone! I’m glad you think so πŸ™‚

  10. From drab to fab for sure girly!! It’s amazing what some well thought out extra touches can do. It looks like a different room! I love the light fixture.

    And btw, your grandmother has excellent taste in china!

    • Thank you, Amanda! And yes, she had excellent taste in a LOT of things. I wonder sometimes about what she would think of the food I serve on her china LOL

    • Thank you! I’m all about little changes! (They’re cheaper than big changes LOL)

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