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The other day, while on my commute, I noticed a plume of thick dark gray smoke in the distance. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?!


LOST!!! Did anyone besides me LOVE that show?!

I promise, it looked JUST LIKE THAT! And it made me think of the show, and also the craziness that is the Malaysian airliner; the one that’s disappeared without a trace! And on the creative side of my brain, I totally believe they have crashed on some gorgeous island unknown to humankind, and they’re just all trying to stay alive and get back home!

Not long after, I received an email from the lovely Alexandra from Man Crates. Have you heard of Man Crates? They are a new company that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates! (It’s the equivalent of a woman’s favorite kind of gift basket, really!) Man Crates’ mission is literally to end the difficulties that have long been associated with buying gifts for MEN!

Alexandra had one question for me: what’s in your personal survival kit?


The question was then clarified: if you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 things would you want to have with you?

Hmmm…that’s a good one! It took me right back to LOST…and here’s what I’ve decided:


  1. Soft Lips – because I HATE when my lips get chapped
  2. A journal – because I would want to chronicle the experience
  3. A solid supply of Diet Coke – I know it’s bad for me, but you gotta die from something…and I love it!
  4. A Vera Bradley bag – because someone is gonna have to carry everyone else’s stuff around, and I ADORE my Vera!
  5. My iPhone – which my husband said there was no point in taking because there would be no signal out there, but I think I could rig something. And if not, I could still read the Bible and look at pictures and TAKE pictures, too!

Since he was being so vocal about what I was bringing, I asked what HE would bring!



  1. A rope – in case he needed to tie something up or climb a tree (his words, folks, not mine)
  2. Water – because his dad works for Zephyrhill’s water and he’s gotta represent
  3. Oakleys – because the sun would be bright
  4. Banana Boat Sunscreen – because the sun would be bad and he doesn’t want skin cancer
  5. A combo lighter/USB drive – because he would need to build fires to send smoke signals so we could be rescued, and to have SOME form of technology along for the ride

I’m still a little concerned about that rope…and that proves that men see things differently than women! But didn’t we already know that?! And that’s why we women have such a hard time buying men the perfect gifts, no matter whether they’re an survivor, a gamer, a snacker, or something else.

So I checked out the Man Crates website and picked a crate for my hubby…that included that dang rope. **SIGH**


It’s their “Outdoor Survival Crate”.

So now it’s your turn! Check out Man Crates for the hard-to-buy-for man in your life!

And I wanna know…what’s in YOUR personal survival kit?! Do tell!

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39 thoughts on “My Cannot-Live-Without-Items

  1. Definitely water with lots of tea bags to make sun tea. I think one of those mini ultraviolet water purifiers that I keep seeing on the internet (hey you need clean water to live)–A very thick book-that would take me time to read and that I would not mind re reading a couple of times. Sunglasses sound like a very good idea. OH YEAH–either a lighter or lots of matches just in case.

  2. I received an invite to write a review for the man crates. I think it’s a really awesome idea, but I had several deadlines to meet at the time (plus a tummy virus) to do it the justice that you gave it. You wrote an awesome post that caused me to pause and think about what I would really want on that deserted island and lip balm has to be the number one item on my list. I can’t live with dry lips! 🙂

    I also think the man crates would be an awesome Christmas gift for the men in our lives! Great post!! You rocked it!

  3. Let’s see, I believe mine and my husband’s survival kits would be a bit different but we would probably both have water and a flashlight. I agree about the lip balm and Love Soft Lips! A very sharp knife and a big old pot so we can kill something then cook it!

  4. Well being that I was always a tomboy and am very active with hiking and running – I love the Man Cave boxes. Sadly I barely know what to do with the girly items unless I am going to a rare dinner with my husband then I do an online crash course!

  5. I LOVED Lost – and I love how that your must-have lists are so different. 🙂 I would really love an internet connection on a deserted island. How can we make that happen??

  6. I hate chapped lips, too. I love keeping lip gloss, my bible (well on my phone now), water, and hmmmmmm, good question!!! LoL.

    What’s with the coke???LOL

  7. Since this was a Man Crates post, I thought I would ask Luke. So, here are his answers…

    1. The Professor from Gilligan’s Island – whatever I needed, he’d build.
    2. A still – for distilling stuff… water, alcohol, whatever.
    3. A big knife, maybe a machete – to chop things up, build shelter, filet a fish, or in case there are wild boars on the island.
    4. A big tarp – for shelter
    5. A lighter to start fire with.

    …and there you have it. I’m with you, Kristen, chap-stick, a tote bag, and a journal for sure, the other stuff, I’m not quite sure. Excellent post! We were laughing hard and having so much fun. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  8. You know what, I agree with you on the phone. I mean, you never know, maybe some part of it would come in handy. Like, you could build some device out of twigs, seaweed and coconuts, then discover that something in the phone makes them send a signal. I mean, much stranger thinks happened in Lost! I’m still bitter about the ending of that show though.

  9. I would need to bring Diet Coke also but I have to have mine with the Lime in it, LOL. I like this whole Man Crate thing and I think they would make great gifts for the man that is hard to buy for. Putting it on my list for something to get my husband this year.

  10. I have a great list of items that I totally cannot live without too. My list is very similar to yours :-). I honestly cut diet coke from that list a couple of years ago, because it is really bad for you. I couldn’t go a day without it and now it has been 2 years since I have had any sodas at all.

  11. Wow! what a difference between men and women.
    I know this would not be practical, I would take my laptop/internet and that way I have lots to read : bible, ebooks , have somewhere to write notes and be entertained as well.
    For practical situations for food I would need my shakes and some water.
    Then I would take a lighter, sleeping bag, pen and notebook.

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