Moving House – Packing, Moving & Storing Like a Pro!

No no no, we’re not moving. Well, not that I know of, at least. We did recently spend a few days in Washington D.C., and my husband said it would be a simple transfer for us to move there. I guess it’s never off the table…but for right now…no, we are not moving! And thank goodness for that. Just the sight of boxes send me into panic mode!


But here lately, a LOT of folks we know ARE! I’ve never seen anything like it! I kinda like Florida, I’m not sure why everyone wants to leave…but they all have good reason. Some for work, some for family, some for retirement…the list goes on. But, no matter the reason FOR the move, everyone has to go through the same process, right? So when Georgia from Storage World contacted me about publishing this infographic, I was ready! In fact, I’m saving this one for if WE ever move! So helpful! See for yourself…

I especially like the moving truck diagrams – helpful to know which one would be best for your home, right?


Was the above graphic helpful to YOU? Do you enjoy moving? Or despise it like me?!

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20 thoughts on “Moving House – Packing, Moving & Storing Like a Pro!

  1. We just moved this past August with 6 kiddos. It was rough but we all survived and are so happy we did it. We hired movers to move everything but we did all the packing and organizing!

  2. Such a great information to note, so you could have a better planning if you are moving away. We are moving to a new home in December & this info-graphic could be so useful for us. With kids around we have a tough job ahead.

  3. I moved once-just across the street mind you-it was a nightmare. I literally used a shopping cart to move a lot of the things-friends helped me and I knew a couple of guys who carried the furniture. IF I ever move again—I am definitely calling a moving service and letting them do it all!!!!! Luckily I am not even contemplating moving again. Yes this is very good information/advice!!

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