More Reasons to Love Hometalk!

You may remember a post I wrote about Hometalk last fall. Well, I’m working with the folks at Hometalk again, and in the midst of the project, I went back and looked at the previous blog post (which you can see if you CLICK HERE) and found that I had even more great experiences on the site since then! 


Like I said in that post, the awesome thing about Hometalk is, it’s not just for design inspiration – you can find full tutorials on DIY projects and crafts, everything home-related, obviously! You can also ask questions of the community, and see what experts who answer you back have to say! And of course, you can follow people, and they can follow you, too!

One of my favorite things about the site are the “clipboards” that you can “curate”. Now, I have about a dozen boards that I’ve curated, and Hometalk is actually featuring one of them! It’s my Dishwasher Hacks board, and the fine folks over there even made me a nice lil’ graphic for it!


Cool, huh?! If you need some hacks for your own dishwasher, make sure you CLICK HERE and check that board out! You will be surprised at some of the things you find, I guarantee it!

But what’s been really helpful about Hometalk lately has been the “Question & Answer” feature! 

I’ve asked several questions, and have gotten tons of help from other users! And I’ve also been able to help answer the questions other folks have posted! Check this out…

I asked for decor ideas for this dated fireplace…and got 665 views and 15 suggestions!

Question 1

I asked for help with fixing a broken china tier…and got 894 views and 18 suggestions!


I asked for tips for getting rid of stinging nettles…and got 692 views and 22 suggestions!


Just a few of the reasons why I’ve found the site to be SO helpful!

Whether you’re just now hearing about Hometalk, or you’ve been contemplating making the leap for a while, now is a great time to get involved! It’s an amazing home resource that is WELL worth your while! And if you’d like to follow me while you’re there, I would love that! CLICK HERE to find me! 

Also, if you missed it, I shared a YUMMY recipe for Pea Pickin’ Cake over at my second home, LouLou Girls last week! CLICK HERE to check it out!



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8 thoughts on “More Reasons to Love Hometalk!

  1. I had no idea Hometalk had all these features. I guess, I have not gone on there enough to figure it out! The people there seems to really answer your questions!
    Interesting! Congrats on being featured:)

    BTW: you have a fireplace?

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