Mapping Your Home’s Dirt with Eco-Friendly Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Picture if you will…

It’s 1:00 a.m. Twin girls are peacefully sleeping. Dog and cat are peacefully sleeping. Husband and wife are peacefully sleeping. Wife is dreaming, and in her dream she begins to hear the sound of a vacuum. It gets closer and closer and closer…until she wakes up. Still hearing the sound of a vacuum. At 1:00 a.m.

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She grabs her husband’s arm, who startles awake, and demands to know what is wrong. He stops and questions the noise, while the dog begins to whine and the cat streaks through the bedroom, and immediately realizes: he accidentally set the Roomba to start cleaning at 1:00 AM instead of 1:00 PM.


This may or may not have happened to us the first week we had our Roomba. You can only take our word for it, I guess. Let’s just say that around here, the Roomba is now started manually instead of left on a timer!

When we first got the Roomba (my husband has named her Rosie, after the maid on The Jetsons? Yeah…) we were living in a home that was all tile and wood flooring. The only carpet was in the closets. And don’t forget about the cat and the dog…and all that hair. Rosie was a lifesaver for us! Especially after the girls arrived!

Now, we live in a home that is mostly carpet. (Our choice, since the girls were just starting to sit up when we moved here, and we wanted a bit of a softer space for them to learn to walk in.) But we still have this huge kitchen that is all tile. And now we have 18-month-old twins who are VERY MESSY eaters. And  a dog. And a cat. So Rosie runs in the kitchen 3-4 days a week! And she is STILL a lifesaver!

In fact, nearly 20% of the world’s vacuum cleaners are now robots with over 14 million units of Roombas sold in 2016 (iRobot). Cleaning has been revolutionized with the advent of robots that can perform dusting, mopping and sanitizing in one go. They are efficient, use less energy, save time and do not increase our carbon footprint. Robot cleaners do not use chemicals, which, of course, is better for the environment.  Here is a breakdown of what makes robotic cleaners a good option for anyone who hates or does not have time for cleaning.


Practical Benefits of Robotic Cleaners

One of the most valuable benefits of robot gadgets in daily life is that they save you time. When you’re juggling a career and family life, time is not always on your side. Having a robot do the exhausting chore of house cleaning is a time and life saver. Even if you are a full-time housewife or husband, running a household is time-consuming with all the stuff that needs to be done daily, from shopping and cooking to washing and child-minding. The burden of house cleaning, if taken off your shoulders, is a big relief.

Robot vacuum cleaners are also great for people with mobility issues. Older people who have trouble getting on their knees or lifting heavy objects because of arthritic fingers can benefit from the use of cleaning robots. Another benefit of automated vacuum cleaners is that you can program them to clean your home as often as you want, especially if you have pets around that shed hair and fur, or as little as you want if you are going away for a vacation and no one is at home.

Beyond Cleaning: Robots Map Your Home

Automated cleaners not only keep your home spotless, but robots will soon map your Wi-Fi system to identify weak areas. Because they work through the internet, you can program them in the future to be the eyes and ears of your home. Robots already collect data from your home using cameras and sensors that can eventually enhance the Internet of Things, helping build smarter homes.

They Save You Money, Too

Time is not the only benefit you can get from using robotic cleaners. Amazing advances in the technology used on robot vacuum cleaners mean that newer energy-saving models are available in the market. The comparison between a regular and robotic vacuum cleaner shows that the latter uses 20% less energy. Depending on your cleaning needs, a robot vacuum cleaner might be suitable for you at cheaper running costs.

Kinder on the Environment

These cybernetic cleaners are also made from parts that are not harmful to the environment. Because they use laser-guided technology, they clean surfaces with accuracy and without wasting energy. Their precise movements reduce electricity bills, save money and lower carbon emissions.

As robot vacuum cleaners improve in functionality, efficiency and price points, it is expected that the shift to automated cleaning solutions will gain ground. If you are leaning towards smart cleaning, using a robot vacuum is an option that is pleasing. It saves time, money and is eco-friendly.

Do YOU have a Rosie at your house? If you could custom-make a cleaning robot to clean something specific around your home, what would YOUR robot clean?

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10 thoughts on “Mapping Your Home’s Dirt with Eco-Friendly Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  1. That is a hilarious story about your Roomba! I would like to try one out at our house. I’m afraid all the kids’ crumbs, dirt and our pet hairs would have our Roomba trying to use its mapping powers to escape our house. LOL

  2. Even though I have a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum because we have four dogs I still think I might buy a Roomba to vacuum the tile and laminate floors every night. Mostly because it would make me smile in the mornings. Thanks for sharing all the great tips behind getting one. #HomeMattersParty

  3. These little robot cleaners look so handy to have, I like that is it eco friendly and you can set it to a timer (if you get the timing correct haha)

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