Making Your House Ready for a Sale!

No no, we are not getting ready to move. I’m pretty sure the house we have now can accommodate the craziness that twins is about to bring us…at least for a while!

However, in all my perusal of fabulous shows on HGTV (which is where, let’s face it, my TV is most-often tuned to) one of my favorite things to see is when folks “stage” a house. Basically, they make it look the way buyers dream it can look! And I tend to take a lot of cues from that around our home when it comes to design and basic decor.


So when Daisy from The Rug Seller contacted me about an infographic on making sure your house is ready to be sold, my immediate thought was, “Hey, I would do all these things to just make my house BETTER, whether or not I was actually selling!” (Well…except the depersonalizing!) Check it out and see if you agree with me!


I see a few of these things I can do around my home to make it better for my family! What about you?

For even more ideas, check out The Ultimate Guide to Exterior Home Repairs! Full of stuff that every homeowner needs to know when it comes to upgrades and other items that will make your home even more valuable!

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17 thoughts on “Making Your House Ready for a Sale!

  1. These are great tips for anyone wanting to get their house ready to sell! I wish I had these tips when I was selling my house years ago.

  2. We don’t own our house right now, we are renting but these are some great tips for in the future. So much to consider and think about/do!

  3. I walked into some homes when we were looking and it was so hard to imagine myself in the space. Staging is so important for showing what a house could be.

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