Making Memories: 6 Beautiful and Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas!

The twins are now 7 months old, and I FINALLY feel like I’m getting control of my house again! I mean, MERCY! I knew I’d be off my game for a while, but I didn’t realize it would be for THIS LONG! Don’t get me wrong – they are SO worth being off my game for! Nonetheless, I’m thrilled to be back on track.

Inside, that is. I’m back on track on the INSIDE of the house.

Every time I drive up to our house I see a million things I need to handle. Does anyone else do that, or is it just me? And that’s just in the front!

When I look at the back yard, I’m completely overwhelmed. 

We have a very large back yard, for which I am so grateful. It’s nicely fenced with a pretty white privacy fence, and we even have a few things like a pineapple bed, a garden, and several different spots in which to sit – a picnic table by the garden, a screened-in porch and a brick patio. 

But my mind has been turning with ways we can make it kid-friendly, since, before I know it, the girls will be running around out there! (Already one of their most favorite activities is to be outside rolling around on a blanket!)

So when blogger Chloe Taylor contacted me with just that, a post of family-friendly backyard ideas, I knew it was fate! And when it comes to ideas, Chloe has some awesome ones!

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Kids absolutely love spending time outdoors; running around and exploring the world. But what if you simply can’t find the time to organize family walks or visits to the playground? Well, what better way to satisfy your kids’ curiosity and adventurous spirit than your own backyard? Of course, the key is in creating a fun and an enticing place for your family, so that kids can play to their heart’s content and stay safe. Play at a young age is a child’s process of learning, which is why you should seriously consider the following ideas for your own family-friendly backyard.

A Special Corner

Do you remember how important having your own private corner/area was when you were a child? Things are pretty much the same nowadays. Children enjoy the opportunity to have their own “secret” room or house.

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Depending on the size of your backyard and the type of trees, you can make a tree house or play with different ideas such as bean poles/fabric teepees, tents, umbrellas, etc. As long as it feels secluded, private and adventurous, the kids will absolutely love it.

Sand Space

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One thing all kids have in common is their fascination with sand and everything that can be done with it. In that respect, make sure to add a designated sand space to your backyard, similar to those found at playgrounds. Don’t forget to provide the kids with necessary equipment for some sandy creativity. Shovels, buckets and molds are some of the essential bits for an inviting and fun kids’ sandbox.

A Place for Creativity

Make sure to set up a creative area for your small artists in the backyard. Kid-appropriate easels, paint, sheets for hand painting and even molding clay are staples when it comes to this bit. Children like to transfer their new discoveries and ideas about the world into their arts and crafts. This is truly beneficial for a child’s development because it improves their observation skills, creative thinking as well as hand-eye coordination.

One with Nature

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There are many health and mental benefits in letting kids get dirty and experience nature 101. Therefore, one of the crucial fun parts of the family-friendly backyard is definitely a little garden. This is the place for your children to learn all about plant nurturing and enjoy themselves while gardening. Moreover, making a bird house together as a family and putting it up to attract small feathery creatures will also allow your kids to get familiar with amazing fauna in their surroundings.

Protection from the Elements

Strong sun, rain, wind and even snow shouldn’t prevent your kids from going outside. The more weather conditions they get to experience the better for them. Still, this doesn’t mean that exposure to the sun or getting soaking wet is healthy. Providing kids with engaged play as well as immediate contact with everything that nature has to offer, without any potential health risks, can be done by installing shade sails. These will provide the entire family with cooler temperatures during summer months and adequate protection from rain and snow. That way, you can enjoy yourselves in the patio as you watch your kids immerse in a meaningful play.

Add the Details

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In order to make this kid-friendly backyard even more appealing to small adventurers and artists, make sure to add additional details. You can paint your fence in a bright and happy color, place garden gnomes here and there, use artificial butterflies as garden décor and even light up the yard with magical fairy lights. What’s more, don’t forget to use absorbent door mats at your entrance that will soak up all the dirt once it’s time for the kids to get back inside.

Spending some quality family time outdoors will undoubtedly strengthen your bonds and provide you with some unforgettable memories. So, if you have backyard space, don’t miss the chance to make it special and family-friendly.

These are FANTASTIC ideas. We have hardly any shade, so I’m definitely going to look into some shade sails for us!

What do you have in your backyard that’s just for the kids?

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10 thoughts on “Making Memories: 6 Beautiful and Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas!

  1. Since the grandchildren are all pretty big now, we don’t have play things in our yard. They all play ball so they want a big open space for that which recently ended with a broken windshield. Not fun at the time but worth a few laughs later.

  2. These are some really great ideas. Our kids love the backyard. It’s not fenced in though and since we’re renting now… But the shade sails sound like such an awesome idea. I know I sometimes get a little negged out from going to the backyard because of the weather – too hot, or rainy, or cold, etc.. but even then, the kids don’t mind it!!

  3. These are great idea. In childhood we use to play in sand in our backyard. lay molding and making homes out of sticks and sand was favorite pastime.

  4. These are great ideas! We don’t have plans of tweaking our backyard’s current state anytime soon, but will definitely keep these in mind. 🙂

  5. These are great tips and I might use some this summer. In recent years, I’ve let the backyard become a quiet, unused space.

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