Making Your Garden Space More Private

Do you have an outdoor space or a garden at your home that you really love? We sure do! And for the most part, our outdoor space is pretty private, considering that we live on over an acre with just a couple neighbors who are a good stone’s throw away. Nevertheless, there are a few areas in our yard where a bit more privacy would be nice! 

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Having a wide and open outdoor space within your property sounds ideal, but not if your neighbours can track your every move, or pedestrians and motorists have a snap shot of your life as they go by. Having a little privacy goes a long way, and here you’ll find a few hints and tip of how you can make your back yard more private without spoiling your outdoor space.


Getting privacy doesn’t always mean having to erect an overbearing fence around the edges of your property. Did you know that you can get the same effect with a little help from nature? Planting a row of trees within your garden or outdoor area adds privacy easily and are ideal if you’re hoping ot maintain a more natural garden look. Cypress Trees are a great place to start – you can get up to 40% off Cypress Trees at The Tree Center – as are ornamental fruit trees such as Black cherry plum, crab apple trees, silver birches, meyer lemon trees and evergreen Magnolias.  

Remember, that where you plant your trees is very important. Your first instinct would be to plant around the edges of your garden. But this would not only make your garden look smaller, but potentially upset your neighbours and could even make your house (or theirs) dark. Instead, consider planting a small row of trees slightly off the centre line of your garden. By doing this, you blur the lines of your garden space, making it seem less restrictive. Your trees will be close enough to protect your property from the gaze of those around and they’ll be far away enough to prevent light issues.

Garden fences/screens

Of course, the fastest way to gain instant privacy and possibly the easiest option is a fence. Fences and screens are also ideal if you have small children or pets who have access to the garden and you need to create boundaries for them.

If this is the option you want to go for, then don’t just opt for a classic overlapped panel fence. Why not select a type or material that compliments the style of your property? These could be iron or steel in your stylish city outdoor space, a natural fencing solution for your traditional garden, a beautiful pergola with climbing plants for an extra touch of nature, soundproof fences, or something else. The only limit is your imagination – but also check there are no restrictions by contacting your local council.


If a fence sounds too severe and fake, then consider a hedgerow. Available in different sizes and varieties, chances are there’s a hedge that’s perfect for your garden. You could also mix up the colours and create a tapestry of varying species. It’s the perfect way to give your garden a pop of colour and plenty of variety.

Bear in mind that if you decide to plant a hedge, it’ll require regular maintenance. Make sure you do your research before you plant, that way you’ll know when the best time is to prune and trim.

Would any of these ideas work for YOUR space? Do you have any other suggestions? Do share!

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  1. We’ve got a fence and planted trees along the fence, but I think it would look even prettier with a screen and vines. Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty

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