Making Containers Color-Coordinate

So for a while now I’ve had some paper boxes on the shelf in my office.


See the teal ones at the top and the colored ones towards the bottom? They’re nice and bright and colorful, however, I wanted them to be green and/or brown…since my  office is decorating in shades of green and brown.


See the table runner here? It was kind of the inspiration for my office.

So…I located a few shade of my ever-ready friend: spray paint.


And I went to town!



I only made a little mess! (Or so I told my husband when he pointed out that I had gotten lovely green spray paint on the actual patio. No worries, I’ll fix that!

I created and added some label inserts in the holders.


When you look closely you can see that they’re not PERFECT…and that’s okay with me. For it being the first time I did this, I’m still happy with the results, and I’ve learned some lessons for the next time!


And there you have it! I think this shade of green looks especially nice against the brown of the bookshelf.

I haven’t finished the other ones yet, so I’ll do an update as soon as those are done. I just think it makes the bookshelf look much more cohesive, and it’s still as functional as ever!


What’s been your best spray-paint project?

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