How to Make Your Yard Practical and Beautiful

We’ve finally had our deck off our back porch refurbished! It was a little ratty from the previous owner, and it had been on “our list” for a while, so I’m thrilled that it’s finally taken care of – just in time for the weather to start cooling off a tad here in Central Florida! It adds such a nice touch to our backyard – the girls have been running around it, the dog has been sunning on it, and the hubby and I have been enjoying dinners on it! It’s the perfect finish for our yard!

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What’s YOUR yard’s perfect finish?

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Your parent’s generation may have wanted expansive yards and swimming pools, but according to MarketWatch, today’s homeowners are looking to relax outdoors and make pizzas from scratch with fresh veggies they grew in their own gardens. Today’s backyards are all about blending meaningful experiences in a practical yet beautiful setting. But it takes the right strategy to transform your yard into a livable and dazzling space to relax with friends and family. Here’s how to get started.

Revolutionize Your Shed

When it comes to a gorgeous yard, the first step is housing all of your tools to keep your lawn looking immaculate. Upgrade the tired and generic shed with a modern design that embraces your home aesthetic. Today’s modern sheds may look more like a pint-sized carriage house instead of a storage area. Or you can go for one that blends with the siding of your home. Add shelving and keep extra chairs on hand for quick entertaining when the neighbors stop by.

Add a Pergola

Now it’s time to start brainstorming ways to beautify your yard. Although landscaping is one place to start, you can also add a pergola to bring focus and beauty to your home. Wrap with ivy or create a small garden underneath it. As a finishing touch, include a hammock to stretch out and relax to enjoy your elegant new yard.

Landscape with Simplicity in Mind

It’s tempting to go for complex, elaborate landscape design with lush bushes, flowers, a garden, rolling hills and stone pathway. But unless you love spending time taking meticulous care of your yard, a simple lawn can transform your property into elegant minimalism. Start with low-maintenance but colorful plants like lavender for a fresh scent that can even help you relax at the end of the day. Perennials are also easy to maintain and come back year after year to replenish your yard. Including a brick patio area or adding on a deck creates space you need to entertain and unwind while enjoying your new yard.

Design an Entertainment Area

At the end of the day, the whole point of a practical and beautiful yard is being able to enjoy it with friends and family. That’s why you need a dedicated entertainment area to really make the most of your backyard. Start small with a patio and comfortable furniture with a rolling bar cart to mix up cold drinks for your guests. For something more indulgent, add a TV for a movie night or an outdoor kitchen for dinner al fresco. Whether you love traditional burgers or grilled fish, your family and friends will love gathering in your backyard retreat.

Creating a practical and beautiful yard doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take the right mindset. Just remember, an amazing yard should be designed with relaxing and entertaining in mind.

If you could “renovate” your yard, what would be on YOUR “list”?

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