How to Make Your House Cozy if You Live Alone!

Someone pointed out to me the other day that many of the posts here on the blog are geared towards families. Well, yes, that’s true. I imagine that’s because I’m in the cozy “family” stage of life right now. Much of what I do revolves around my little family, this blog included. 

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But let’s not forget that, before there was a “we” there was a “me”! And I was just as particular about my living spaces then as I am now. So let’s go back to that time, shall we? Oh boy…a simpler time, for sure!


House aesthetics are one of the integral basics that define one’s personal space. Living solo gives you all the powers of expressing yourself and your art in many cozy forms of home decor. You need not compromise, you need not settle for things and the best part is you can showcase your possessions in your own unique style. If you are looking for ways to make your house comfortable, then here are a few awesome hacks that get the good vibes circulating!

A Clean Home is a Happy Home

First things first, having a clean house is something that can save you from feeling…bummed. If you really wonder how to make a home homey, then keeping the clutter at bay is the answer. It is always said that cleanliness is next to Godliness, whether it be your bed, bathrooms, your kitchen or any other corner of your home, keep it clean to have your living space filled with positive energies. What if you are planning to invite a person over whom you met on A dirty and filthy home will not be welcoming, right? So keep it spic and span and you’ll always ready to welcome your guests.

Investing in Art

Investing in art is a fantastic way to bring a personalized touch into your home. Artwork exhibited in your residence can add some visual and amazing aesthetics to your home, and can define out loud your style and taste. You can easily find exquisite art pieces online, or you can also take the time to visit an art gallery to nourish your home with some divvy pieces.

Do it Yourself

The DIY hack is what makes a place feel like home; adding a pinch of personalized touch. Neutral, loud colours, basics, yes you can use them all. Put your favorite shades on the walls – even neons can work the right magic on your walls if you are in love with them! The best thing about DIY is that you will not have someone else’s nose poking in your business, nor will you need anyone’s approval. Not only does DIY give you the whole-soul power to enhance the aesthetics of your house a bit, but it also serves to be a cost-effective way for home styling. You can decorate every nook and corner according to your vision and can create a solo space to unwind in. Filling your rooms with your favorite things not only allows you to relax, but also allows you to fall in love with your home.


Bringing in some flowers can fill your rooms with magic and fragrance. You can always be welcomed to your home after a stressful day with the savoury of sweet smelling flowers. They can calm down your nerves and be a reason for your smile comforting you with their natural touch.

Hang Pictures Throughout Your Place

Using your own frames on the walls can also be one of the best ways to decorate a cozy solo apartment. It can be like a capsule that takes you down memory lane and lets you replenish and relish all the awesome memories that you have lived so long.  All the wonderful moments that you have captured with your friends and family can be assigned specific places throughout your home to work wonders in your solace. 


Candles can stand to be your new best friends and help you have some relaxing moments in an ambience filled with serenity. Lighting up your rooms with the old traditional tube lights and bulbs is an age-old story. If you are following the single living code, try lighting up with candles to bring the coziness and warmth into your rooms.

Bring More Nature into Your Home

Bring the outside inside not only keeps your home filled with fresh air but also simply makes one happy. Houseplants do not require much of maintenance and are a cozy alternative to have someone living beside you other than your pets. 


Colors are always a way to accentuate and intensify the looks of your rooms. If you want to make your rooms look lively, the go for bright color hues that can add just the exact amount of glow and radiance you’re searching for. Staying with pastels and light shades will provide peaceful and relaxing territory. Colors can also  narrate the tales and sing the glory of your house, so choose them right to stand high in the decorating parade.

Solo living gives you a chance to embrace your house freely with all the things that make you happy. So try using these hacks to have a designer “just for me” space where you can unwind and loosen yourself without any compromise!

Do you live alone? What’s your style like around your home?

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