Maintaining & Matching Your Hardwood Floors

One of my favorite shows to watch is HGTV’s Fixer Upper.


Do you ever watch it? Chip and Joanna Gaines do some AMAZING things with homes that are in awful condition – miraculous, honestly! And they’re so fun to watch!


I just love them! And I love Joanna’s blog, too! (CLICK HERE TO VISIT THERE FOR YOURSELF!) 

They always have a clear vision of what they want the house to look like in the end, and many times it involves renovating major pieces of it. Like re-finishing the hardwood floors. When I see them do such things, I glance around at our wood floors and wonder if I could do what THEY do? Hmmm…

So when Tate from Plain & Simple sent me some instructions for doing just that…well, I had to share! This is the PERFECT tutorial if you have wood floor project you want to tackle!


Wouldn’t Chip and Joanna be proud!?

So, you’ve got the wood floors just as you want them to be, and you’re so happy! But wait! How do you now coordinate your floors with your furniture and other general decor? No worries – Tate has us covered there, too!


So what do you think? Would YOU ever tackle refinishing your wood floors? And would you change the color and your decor, or would you keep everything the same?

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10 thoughts on “Maintaining & Matching Your Hardwood Floors

  1. Ugh, I am so bad at maintaining my hardwood floors. I really need to get better about that because they have lots of scuffs from the kids.

  2. I would not attempt to refinish a whole floor. We did however, tackle an area in a previous home that was damaged when we pulled the carpet up. To our surprise we did a pretty good job.
    I have always been puzzled by combining wood tones. You provided some helpful suggestions

  3. I love, love, love that show! This is a great step-by-step graphic on how to take care of hardwood floors. And I’m so glad you shared the photos of how to not be matchy-matchy with all that wood. Love it all!

  4. Fixer Upper sounds like a really great show, have to check it out for sure! I really wish we had hardwood floors in our apartment. Really like the tips you shared about matching the floors with furniture and decor.

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