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As we’re deep into the second half of the school year, thoughts are turning towards fundraisers! Now, when I think of fundraisers, I think of kids trying to sell me candy bars, tubs of cookie dough and rolls of wrapping paper. To be fair, I normally do buy from any kids who solicit from me – I’m a softie. And hey, some of that wrapping paper is good stuff that lasts FOREVER!

But it’s normally the same ol’ stuff every time. And while the kids all take their turns selling different items, I would imagine that the parents might get tired of offering the same products to all of their friends and families. So when Christina Castillo contacted me to tell me about a NEW kind of fundraiser from Little Caesar’s, I thought it was a great idea! Here’s what she had to share:

Amidst the busiest time of school, it always seems that the marching band needs to raise money for new uniforms, the cheerleading team is looking for ways to fund their next national competition, and the football team is drumming up money to make the annual homecoming game another huge success. Selling Christmas wrapping paper door-to-door and school spirit buttons at lunchtime may have been viable solutions for our grandparents’ fundraising problem, but today, candy bars that sell for $2 each are lackluster attempts to say the least. There are better (and more delicious!) ways to raise funds for your next big event! It’s time to stand out and have a little more fun!





The Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program offers delicious Pizza Kits that are a cinch to sell. To get started, simply register your fundraiser online and start selling! The more dough you sell, the more dough you get in your pocket. Earn between $5.00 to $7.00 for each item sold and watch your fundraising woes fall to the wayside!









Need support in your fundraising adventure? There are four great social platforms for you to explore. Facebook provides exclusive ideas and offers to help you earn more profit while Twitter offers successful fundraising tips and tools to raise big dough for your group and make connections with other Pizza Kit fundraising experts! Pinterest brings you tips for thinking outside the pizza box with creative ways to motivate your sellers and increase your sales! Lastly, Instagram is another great place to find tips, inspirational photos, memes and more fun, pizza goodness!

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Once you’ve got the know-how, no one will be able to turn down the promise of a fresh-from-the-oven pizza they can bake at home. Here are a few tips to ensure your success and help you reach your fundraising goal:

  1. Market your products: Spread the word about how down right delicious your products are! Try baking some Little Caesars Pizza Kit Cookie Dough for others to sample. Once they get a taste, they’re sure to want their own!
  2. Host a Fundraising Telethon: Get your group or organization together and create your own fun dialing up friends and family to ask for their support by purchasing Pizza Kits and Cookie Kits for their friends and family. Remember to call back with a second or third phone call before your fundraiser ends. You may see your success rate jump with these follow ups!
  3. Rely on the Tools You Have: The Little Caesars Pizza Kits fundraising team can provide ready-to-go press releases, checklists, kick-off guides, and team goal posters so you’re never alone!

The Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program offers a great way to fundraise for all of the causes that are important to you, along with the support and insight you’ll need every step of the way. So, the next time the golf team loses another set of golf balls to the sand dunes, tell them about the Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program and let the fun and fundraising begin!

Thanks so much for sharing the good news with us, Christina! This is definitely a fundraiser I would buy into!

What has been YOUR favorite fundraiser that your kids have been involved in, and why?

On a side note…did you know that today is National Pizza Day?!

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11 thoughts on “Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits

  1. Kids are always selling something for fundraisers around here. When my kids were growing up, I saw more than my fair share of fundraisers.

    It got to the point that I was being hit up so much at church that I had to make a policy that I didn’t buy anything from any of them. It was crazy! I just couldn’t buy from one and not the other dozens of kids.

    Having said that, these Little Caesars pizza kids are a refreshing change of pace for fundraisers. It’s something everyone could actually use. Great idea!

  2. My daughter’s gymnastics team did a bingo cash bash type thing with a catered meal and TONS of baskets to win. It was a huge success and we had a blast. Everyone LOVES pizza, I didn’t know about this before today! Thanks for mentioning this idea!

  3. I generally get solicited in front of stores lately. When I worked full time–it seems like I was constantly buying for one fund raiser or another. At one point I actually handed the person a check for more then the candles were worth and said–PLEASE -keep the candles-take the check and pretend I bought them!! Give the money in as part of the fund raising effort. This one is pretty new I take it and I have yet to get side tracked by anyone yet–but I would definitely get one or two of them.

  4. With 5 grandchildren in school, we have purchased all of the above including the Pizza kits. I always loved the wrapping paper because it was a good quality with some different designs.
    We get hit with the softball fundraisers during Ball season AND with one playing baseball in high school, we buy their fundraiser every year also which is Discount cards for local businesses. ~Sigh

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