Lighting Tricks You Need in Your Home

The overhead light bulbs blew in our nursery the other day. We didn’t happen to have any replacement bulbs on hand, for a minute, I thought, oh gosh, what on earth am I gonna get accomplished in this lighting? How am I gonna change diapers in the dark?! Then I remembered that I actually have a lamp in the nursery as a part of the decor. (Mommy brain. They say you get your brain back after you have the baby. Lies, I tell you. All lies!) I turned on the lamp and it worked beautifully, of course. Perfect!

As I started to look around the room, I realized that I liked the room even MORE with the lamp light than I did with the overhead light! Funny how that happens some times, right?!

Lighting and art go hand in hand. Typically, light is used to illuminate artworks of all types, from paintings to sculptures, to even the furniture you have in your home. Light, however, can be so much more than that. Artists have begun to use light as their medium, and the results are just phenomenal. Not only does this “light art” offer a new medium for artists to express themselves but it also offers everyday people like you the chance to be more creative when lighting your home.

Whether it’s from a pendant light or from a window, light can trick the senses. It can instill a feeling. It can calm you; it can energize you, and, once the sun goes down, it can work as a function for you. Here are three ways you can use light to change your space.

Make it Appear Bigger:

Claustrophobic spaces are terrible. They close in on you, limit your space, and can even cause an increased sense of anxiety in some people. To make your room appear larger, opt for lights that light up the walls, and the corners of your room that typically get the least amount of light. Install wall scones to bring a muted, calm light that also makes the space feel bigger and more dynamic. They are perfect to make your room a sanctuary after a long day at work.

Make You Feel Calmer:

Calm light is not harsh. Try to stay as far away from the lighting you find in your office as possible. You want warmer colors to make your room feel cozy. You also want to use more muted lights as opposed to very bright, very harsh overhead lights. This doesn’t mean your room must be dark! It just means that the lights you use to brighten your space are soft and relaxing.

Color therapy: warmer lights will stimulate melatonin production, which calms and makes us sleepier. Opt for incandescent bulbs. They might not last as long, but they’ll produce the effect you want.

Energizes You

In some rooms, however, you don’t want your body to be calm and drowsy. You want to be awake, energized, and ready to take the day. That is where the color of the light comes in, and it’s incredibly important. As warm lights cause our brains to produce more melatonin, blue lights cause the opposite effect. This is the light you can find outside, on your computer screens, or in LED lighting. Keep them far away from your bedroom, though! Exposure to this light when you are about to go to bed interrupts and even disrupts your sleep cycle.

Light has so many practical applications. It affects the senses in such a profound way that it can make you feel calm, or more energized. It can also disrupt your sleep and make you feel terrible. Knowing how light works on your brain and what you can do to optimize the feelings you want, when you want, is a great way to boost your lifestyle and quality of life.

What is your favorite kind of lighting around your home?

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13 thoughts on “Lighting Tricks You Need in Your Home

  1. Love these tips. I do feel like I tend to fall on one end of the spectrum either very dark lighting or very bright lighting. I do need to experiment more with lighting and it’s effects of decor. Thanks for the great tips.

  2. We just bought a brand new home. They used LED but low light bulbs. I switched every bulb in the home this week with 5000K Daylight bulbs and what a difference with that clean white lighting! We love it

  3. You’re right! Some rooms you want to revitalize, not lull to sleep. The kitchen is one. The study room is definitely one too (and those always seem so dark, don’t they?!). 🙂

  4. Getting the right kind of lighting in a home can make a huge difference. It warms up the space and makes it more beautiful. I love your tips and photos. Is that your home? Gorgeous!

  5. I am definitely a light person! I would love it if my whole house was white and all my windows were open! I like for it to be bright! Thank you for your tips!

  6. I have known that what lighting you have in your home can effect your emotions . I didn’t know about the blue lights can make you energized though . It is interesting to me that the lighting in the corners etc. can make the rooms seem bigger. Thanks for sharing the information.

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