Life Skills You Should Teach Your Kids During the Pandemic

I guess the title of this post really should be just “Life Skills You Should Teach Your Kids”, since, if you’re a parent you’re kinda responsible for imparting knowledge to your offspring, but since we are all spending a bit more time at home and all together these days, well…we might as well be specific with the title!

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While your child may be cooped up in homeschool or other forms of distance learning, why not take this opportunity to teach them important life skills that won’t just get them straight A’s in school but also in life?

In this article, we’ll list some important life skills you yourself can teach your children while staying safely at home.

Basic Cooking

Not all kids (and to be honest, not all adults) would like the idea of working in a kitchen. However, let’s face it: one way or another your kids will most likely have to do their cooking later in life. So let’s teach them to enjoy the act of making delicious and healthy meals.

Try doing simple recipes with your toddler and see which ones they will actually like. Of course, always be careful with open fire and never let them play with knives. Just be there to guide them and teach the basics of spices, baking cakes and cookies, and even how to use the microwave properly.

Basic Sewing

Regardless of gender, every human should at least know how to sew a button decently. If you’ve been living all by yourself for quite a while, then you know how easy it is for clothes to tear, even with normal use. By teaching your children how to use a needle and thread safely and properly, you’re helping them to become resourceful and adopt a frugal mindset, which is contrary to the over consumerist nature of today’s society.

How to Handle Money

Speaking of frugality, it’s never too early to teach your children how to handle money. Perhaps it’s a bit too early to discuss your personal money experiences and probably how you’ve gotten out of debt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach your child a thing or two about personal finance.

You can start off by saving loose change to your child’s piggy bank. You can also ask him or her to do some basic math and compute how much you guys need when eating out. Plus, teach your child how to practice delayed gratification by only buying him or her a present when it’s absolutely necessary. This will go well with your money-saving habits, too.

Conserving Energy

We always speak of saving the environment for future generations, so why not allow them to contribute to this even at a young age? Energy conservation (or simply not being too wasteful) of water and also electricity is a great start. This means teaching your child the importance of why we need to save these resources and how we can do so in simple ways like turning off faucets and lights at home when not in use.

Although, a big part of conserving energy and handling money is getting your money’s worth when it comes to a power provider. So for example, if you’re living in Texas, you might want to check out cheap TX electric suppliers to switch to a better and more affordable power supply for your family. You have to admit that you need to do your part, too.

How to Give First Aid

If you want to let your child enjoy what life has to offer, even at a young age, then you should by all means allow them to explore the world. Let them have fun, play games, and basically, just be a kid. But we can’t really help having that nagging feeling that they’d get hurt somehow, am I right? So in this case, learning how to give first aid not just to others but to themselves, is a good skill to teach them early on.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as dressing a wound (although no one is really stopping you from teaching that, too!) You can teach them something as easy as listing down their possible allergies and health issues so they know how to address it. Teach them their allergy triggers and how to deal with them. Then, tell them about the basics of hot and cold compresses and for which situations they should be used.

There are certainly many more life skills you can teach your child during the pandemic, aside from the ones listed above. Pace yourselves to allow your child to learn naturally and enjoy the process while you’re at it!

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