Less is More

I saw this lovely graphic on Pinterest a couple weeks back, and I’ve been mulling over it since then. Since I’m feeling like waxing eloquent today (don’t worry, that feeling never lasts very long) I figured I’d use it as my point of reference:


I had to read through the list a couple of times. Did you?

A few things struck me when I did:

1. Talking/Listening

I’ve never been what’s known as “the talker of the family”, which is probably because I never could get a word in edgewise! I come from a loud family, and so does my husband, and when I say loud, I do NOT mean in a negative manner. We are the families who are so excited to see each other and have such a great time at family gatherings that everyone is trying to talk over each other to be heard, and that’s why I could never get a word in edgewise. It’s fun and crazy and really awesome! And when I get excited about something, THAT’S when I talk. Fast. But when I’m listening to everyone else, am I REALLY “listening”? I hadn’t thought about this much, but it’s definitely something I’m going to work on.

2. Planning/Doing

Now this just hits me where it hurts a little bit! While I understand the principle, I also LOVE to plan! When we were little, my sister and I would take over the living room and set up these massive houses for our Barbie Dolls. We used everything we could get our hands on – grand staircases designed from video tapes, hammocks designed from dish towels, Olympic-sized pools designed from storage containers. Literally, by the time we were done designing everything, it was time to put everything away! But that was okay, because I loved the “planning” part, and I still do! I’ve been working on this balance for a while. It’s a hard one for me.

3. Soda/Tea

Can we say Soda/Water instead? Thanks! And I’ve got this one down pat!

4.  Junk Food/Salads

I’ve got this one under my belt, too!

5. Complaining/Encouraging

**SIGH** I really do try hard to not complain and to encourage others. I think I do pretty well with encouraging others, because I don’t like to see anyone discouraged, and I always want to build people up! But when I get tired, I’m definitely a complainer. Lots of work to do on this one. Or more sleep to get. Either or.

6. Let’s hit the next two at once: Worrying/Hoping and Doubting/Believing

I don’t like to worry or doubt. I’m not happy with either one of them. But I have a hard time hoping and believing (for MYSELF). I’d like to hope and believe, but oftentimes that little voice comes into my head that tells me “You haven’t worked hard enough, so this won’t happen” or “Don’t get your hopes up” or “Other people need this more than you do”. Does that happen to anyone but me?

7. Lazing Around/Working Out

I’m half-way there! HA! I don’t know that I’ve ever been one to laze-around, but I’ve never been one to work out on a regular basis, either. Bad. I know. Very bad. I would much rather mark things off my to-do list than work out. Maybe I should put work out ON my to-do list…

8. Frowning/Smiling, Insecurity/Trust, Weakness/Confidence, Ignorance/Understanding, Hate/Love, Ungratefulness/Gratitude:

I group these together, because the second words are all “mottos” for me in life. I’m not perfect, but these are all things I strive for. You know why?

Smiling at someone can literally change their entire day. You don’t know what they might be going through. Sometimes a simple smile is just the ticket!
My trust and my confidence both lie in Jesus Christ, so I think I’m pretty well covered there!

I love to learn and understand new things. I believe life is a learning experience, and if you can’t learn new things every day, then what’s the point?

Love. Love is a big deal. And I’m not just talking Valentine’s Day love. I’m talking Love thy neighbor love. I’m talking love when it hurts love. I’m talking love sacrificially. Yep. Love is a big deal.

And gratitude. As far as I’m concerned, everything in this life is a gift from above. If I can’t be grateful for it, then I don’t need to have it. Overwhelming feelings of gratefulness overwhelm me often throughout the day, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I think we’ve all heard the saying, “Less is more!” And while we all “get” the general meaning, this is a fantastic way to really put it into practice every day. Don’t you think?

16 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. What a great list! Hoping and believing really only makes sense if it is rooted in someone who WILL NOT let me down and IS trustworthy. And that is only God! I too often feel so not deserving his promises and blessings, but it is not about me, it is about Him and His glory. So thankful!

  2. This is an awesome list! I really embrace the graditude part, because there is so much to be grateful for in this life… I love these feel-good affirmations. Would be great to pin up on my bathroom mirror or desk 🙂 ~ Renee

  3. Love the graphic and your comments are right on! I do try to focus more on the positive things in life and let God handle the things I can’t. Sometimes that gets hard. I have found it much easier to talk and listen when the other person truly does the same. I’m Pinning this! 🙂

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