Kitchen Cleaning Tips – A Guest Post!

I’ve been in a kitchen cleaning funk lately. Does that make any sense to anyone else?

For instance, so far this year, I cannot count the number of times I’ve left dirty dishes in the sink overnight. That is HIGHLY unusual for me. Unusual to the point that my husband asked me if I was okay…because there were still dishes in the sink in the morning before I left for work. I’m normally a clean-up-as-I-go-along gal.

So when author Heather Roberts contacted me to see if I was interested in publishing a post on kitchen cleaning tips, I thought it might be a good idea. Because apparently I needed them! Let’s check out her thoughts…

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a kitchen is a pretty important task that requires a lot of work and the removal of perishable and staining substances around it. This can be a bit of a challenge in many cases, so we will need to be properly prepared and ready for what comes ahead. Kitchens are a focal point for many households, which makes keeping them clean a top priority in most cases. These tips will give you more to work with so you can keep your kitchen clean:

  • Cleaning coffee stains

It happens to be fairly easy to do, as you will need to do a few things to make it happen. Simply dip a rag in egg yolk and rub it on the spot where you had the coffee stain. Rinse it with water after you’re done and you will have an easier time dealing with things. You can also make use of denatured alcohol to make it happen or a mix of detergent and water to get the job done as well.

  • Cleaning your kitchen countertops

You may use a detergent mixed with water to do so, as it will help you wash away any stains as long as you remember that they need to be rinsed well after you’re done to prevent the chemicals from entering the food you prepare on said countertops. An alternative to doing this is to work with water and white vinegar, as well as a mix of baking soda and some liquid soap. Automatic dishwashing detergent can also work if you mix it with hot water in about a quarter cup per gallon.

  • Chemical dangers

This is a really important danger you need to keep in mind: under no circumstances should you ever work by mixing ammonia and bleach together, as they will create a chemical reaction that creates poisonous fumes. Do your best to avoid any harsh chemicals around the kitchen, unless you absolutely need to use them for something that is impossible to clean with the more harmless solutions on the board.

  • Vinyl floor cleaning

This is one fairly easy task, as it can be completed without too much fuss if you know what you’re doing. Simply apply a layer of detergent and water and allow it to break down any stains, and then wipe it off. Vinyl floors are waterproof, which makes them excellent for such a solution.

  • Cleaning tableware and glasses

Did you ever notice the speed at which bartenders will clean their glasses? This can be easily done if they wash the inside of the glasses with a hot jet of water, alternated with cooler water and soap to get it done. There are other ways you can deal with this, such as using lemon juice to dissolve harder spots, avoiding harsh chemicals with gold-rimmed glasses, using borax to rinse them from streaks and any hard water stains and more. You can also work with a shaving brush or a toothbrush to reach harder places and scrub them to perfection.  For more ideas: visit our website.

Thanks so much, Heather! Cleaning coffee stains with egg yolk?! Wow!

Have you developed any kitchen tips that are keepers? I would love to hear them!

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15 thoughts on “Kitchen Cleaning Tips – A Guest Post!

  1. I hate bleach and can’t clean with anything that has a harsh smell. Those times when I’m too tired or whatever and happen to leave dishes in the sink and walk in to a dirty kitchen in the morning – yikes! I like to wake up to a clean kitchen. I never knew you could clean coffee stains with egg yolk. Wow!

  2. Egg yolk for coffee stains??? That is a great tip in and of itself!!! I have some spots just begging for me to try this. Another thing that helps with hard water stains, and cloudiness of glasses is vinegar. Just through a cup of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher when you go to run it…works great. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  3. I’d not heard of the egg yolk thing either. Good to know! I like to clean my countertop with a homemade citurs vinegar cleaner. I don’t like using chemicals. They take my breath away. Thanks or the new tips!

  4. It is never a good idea to mix chemical cleaners like ammonia and bleach together, that is true! We are so glad you shared with us at Merry Monday! We can’t wait to see your creativity next week!

  5. I’m unfortunately terrible at leaving the sink dirty overnight 🙁 Your post is right up my alley. A lot of essential oils and homemade cleaners around here too. Thanks for linking up at #MeetUpMonday! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! (

  6. Thanks for sharing your great tips. I’m usually a clean person but sometimes get lazy and need to be reminded how rewarding cleaning is. You did remind me that. I will share your fantastic blog with all my friends.

  7. That’s a really nice sharing. I’m tweeting it right now. It’s worth reading for me today. I was looking for some info about Chemical dangers cleaning for my next writing on my blog. And finally, I got useful tips in your post. Thanks

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