Kids Room Decoration Ideas – A Guest Post!

I’ve been on a pretty big home decor kick these days. From painting to re-doing color schemes and even changing out hardware on our doors – my focus has been on things like this.

But there’s one area of home decoration that I have NO experience on. Well, at least no experience YET. That area would be kids rooms!

Thankfully, your friend and mine, Heather Roberts, is here to give us some ideas for decorating kids rooms! Let’s see what she has to say…

Kids Room Decoration Ideas

Reconstruction and redecoration of kids rooms are a serious challenge if you’ve never done this before in your life. There is much to be desired in terms of practical matters above all, but there is also the need to keep the aesthetic side of the job looking amazing, as well. You would need to consider the ever-changing tastes of your child as they grow up, so that will also require changes in furniture and decoration that mirror the changes your child goes through. Kids will grow up pretty fast and their furniture needs to grow up with them as well! The tips ahead will give you some ideas you can use to make it happen:

  • Remember that communication is essential if you want to get things right in your kid’s room. They will have tastes of their own, not to mention some things will be out of reach for them if you think about decoration and practical aspects from a purely grown-up point of view. 
  • You need to consider how a specific theme will work with the rest of the home and whether it will work well with your child’s tastes. Whether it is something fantasy-related such as castle or sci-fi in theme is up to you. Perhaps your child likes a specific superhero or ponies? Know their tastes and what they like and do your best to mirror them. Not only will this keep them happy but it will make decorations far easier to deal with.
  • The storage of toys will need to be considered as well, since this will allow you to organize your child’s room better when the games are done. Kids really like their toys and they will probably leave them all over if you don’t have them controlling that chaos somehow. A good set of storage bins or another similar solution will allow you to do that and stem the tide of randomly tossed toys.

Kids Room Decoration Ideas 2

  • Kids will likely feel most at peace when they play with their toys on the floor, so you will need to ensure they have the space to do so, but that the place is also easier to deal with and clean. Some rugs will offer easier cleaning and others solutions such as carpets will allow you to have a practical and aesthetically beautiful solution. 
  • Set up some hanging space for clothes, longer toys, school supplies and more. You can do so with plastic hangers so it will be safer for kids when possible. Look for rounded surfaces if you can to avoid sharp edges that could hurt them, especially in their toddler years. The most important part of this is to ensure the decorations are not too much and that they are easier to maintain and clean in the end. Steam cleaning is a great options, especially for kids, since there are no chemicals to deal with. For more domestic cleaning ideas, visit Steam Rug Cleaning in Islington online, or search for a local steam cleaner near you!

Awesome tips, Heather, thank you! I never really thought much about steam cleaning, but I do like the fact that chemicals are not needed – none of us need those extra pollutants around, that’s for sure.

Have you decorated your kids’ rooms? Do you let them do it on their own? Any tips to share with everyone?

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22 thoughts on “Kids Room Decoration Ideas – A Guest Post!

  1. My oldest is going to be 11 this summer, so I want to re-do his room into a tween/teen room for him. I think I am going to work on it this summer.

  2. My son’s room has space to read and a little area to play, but I need to move some of the “baby” stuff out so he has even more space. I’d already decorated most of it to grow with him.

  3. My kids all have very different and specific tastes. My oldest is a gamer, loves sports and being on his own, my girls are super girly but love different girly things, and my other boys… are all obsessed with cars, bugs, trains, etc. So I think when we move I’m going to make sure all their rooms are good representations of them!

  4. I love the idea of redecorating my kid’s room but the messes they make I feel like I could not even enjoy the beauty of if. Maybe when they are older, like 27?

  5. My husband did our youngest child’s walls with a mural. I wouldn’t recommend paint on the wall like that… lol but he loves it and our son does too, so I kept my mouth shut

  6. My kids share a room, and it’s a small room and usually a mess on a good day. So I have to start working on that. First I have to sort out three bins of stuff and then I will use storage totes. I have been avoiding having to do it but thanks for the ideas I love them.

  7. Thanks for these tips. We are working on updating my youngest daughter’s room. As she just hit the teenage years. Love cohosting the #HomeMattersParty linky with you.

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