Keeping Your Cloth Diapers & Washing Machine Sanitary

Am I the only one who cleans the things that clean the things? Anyone else clean their vacuum? Their dishwasher? Their washing machine? I am SO very particular about our washing machine. Please tell me someone else is like this…?

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I was especially particular about our washing machine when our twins were tiny. Because GERMS! If you DON’T clean the things that clean the things…and you have a washing machine, (and you happen to be in the throes of cloth diapering) think about this:

You already know that disposable diapers are a recurring expense for at least three years of your baby’s life. Another disadvantage of disposable diapers is their contribution to trash and waste in landfills. You are avoiding the expense and waste problem by using cloth diapers. Yay for you!

Cloth diapers are made from thick absorbent material and can be used over and over again. So you won’t throw them away, and you’ll only spend money on them when your baby needs a new size. The one disadvantage of cloth diapers, though, is they will get very dirty. They can stain, leak, or make a mess of your washer. Here are a few tips to keep your diapers and washing machine sanitary.

Getting the Right Cloth Diapers

The first thing you need to do is research the brand of cloth diapers you’d like to get. Make sure they are the material you want and include the features you want. One great option is All in One cloth diapers. They are organic and you don’t need to buy diaper covers to go with them. They are also soft, absorbent, and snap together, making them comfortable and convenient.

Don’t Let Dirty Diapers Stack Up

It’s easy to do this, but don’t let dirty diapers stack up on the changing table. As soon as you change the baby and put him down in a safe place, make sure you tend to the mess. Wash out the diaper or put it in a spot where you’ll be reminded to put it in the wash that night. It’s best to not let them pile up, and be sure to do laundry every night so you have more diapers to use tomorrow.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

Another really important element of cloth diapering is keeping your washer clean. Since it’ll be dealing with a lot of…crud, it’s important to keep the washer’s inside clean. Consider getting cleaning tablets to run through your washer. Throw one in every once in awhile and you’re all set! Tablets will keep your laundry fresh too. No one wants crud all over their other clothes, or wants clothing and towels smelling like it. Learn more about tablets by clicking here.

Home Air Fresheners

It’s important for things to be clean, but smelling clean is also equally important. Air fresheners are good for anyone to have whether they use cloth or regular diapers since it can get stinky in between all those diaper changes. Having cloth diapers around that you aren’t just tossing in the trash can be even stinkier. Consider buying air fresheners for each room of your house. Some people like the plug-ins while others prefer room sprays, and a large number of people just like plain old candles. No matter what you pick, make sure it’s a scent you love and be sure it’s safe for your baby.

A sanitary house is a healthier one! So be sure to keep these ideas in mind as you go through your cloth diapering journey.

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