Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

Keeping your home clean and organized, especially with children running around, might feel impossible. But there are a few ways to help you maintain a cleaner home through the implementation of simple tips and tricks that are tailored for households with children! Let’s check them out!

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Don’t Clean – Prevent!

We have established this list is for families with children, maybe even young children running around, and, possibly (or probably), smudging surfaces, scratching this, scuffing that, and so on. Well, the trick here is to find products that not only help you clean your home, but assist in preventing smudges, scratches, and scuff marks from ever happening in the first place.

Using nanoCare waterproofing products on the surfaces in your home is the answer we have all been searching for. Basically, what this does is create a protective layer from corrosion, scratches, marks, you name it. It is also waterproof, which is great for those beautiful surfaces that do not need water spilling all over them accidentally.

Get Organized

Obviously this is a given. We all want an organized home, but does that mean it will stay organized for long? The answer to this question is to be honest with yourself and have your family do the same, about letting go of the items that no longer serve a purpose in your home. This is easier said than done, but staying organized is much easier to maintain when you have a set space for everything in your home to live in. This means your kitchen utensils each have a purpose. If you have multiples of one type of kitchen utensils, but only end up using your favorite one, then you probably need to let the other ones go.

This might get tricky when you get to the more sentimental items, but as long as you are clearing out things, and if you know that you definitely do not need it in your home, then you’ll be just fine.

Each one of your family members should be involved throughout this process. Each person should go through their personal items, yes even their clothing, and create piles with items that are in good condition and can be donated, and a pile to throw out because it is broken or too worn down. The perfect time to do this is during the spring season, also known as spring cleaning. You can easily have the entire family do this each year as a way to reflect on the items that accumulate that really do not serve a purpose, take up space, and create unnecessary clutter.

Everyone Should Be Assigned a Cleaning Duty

This is by far one of the most important tips to follow. Every single person in your home should have a list of jobs that are assigned specifically to them. Create a long list of household duties that need to be tended to on a weekly basis. Let your family members know that a home is to be cared for and anyone who lives in the home also has the shared responsibility of keeping it clean and tidy.

Begin with your list. From here, begin to divide the duties up to the best person for the job. If you have younger children, have them get used to their cleaning duties too. They can help you fold laundry, put their toys away, or wipe down surfaces. Allowing your children to be a part of your cleaning process will begin to resonate in their minds that this is a normal thing to do and not a horrible chore where mom or dad is just being mean. The sooner you get your youngsters used to seeing how household duties are done, the more they will understand it is important to contribute in this way.

With older children, you can divide the duties up and give each child a card with their weekly responsibilities. These cleaning tasks, when finished, could also result in receiving a small allowance, or it being the reason they can go out with their friends that weekend. Using incentives to help along the process of teaching your family members how to help with household tasks with little to no grumbling and mumbling could be the ideal way to go for you.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas on how to keep your home clean and organized with the help of your family. Happy cleaning!

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