Just a Little Closet Organization

You may have heard me mention that my parents recently moved…NINE HOURS AWAY. Oh yes. It’s been a bit of an adjustment from living less than half an hour from them, that’s for sure! But they’ve always wanted to retire to the mountains, and that’s what they were finally able to do! Exciting times!

Their new house in the North Georgia mountains is very cottage-esque – there is a space right behind the house and in between the mountain that’s behind the house that I’m DYING to get my hands on and turn into a little shady English garden…but that’s not what this post is about! (I DO get distracted by that little shady spot!)

The house is a 3-bedroom 1.5 bath, with a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, a bonus room off the laundry room, a 2-car garage, and a bonus room off the garage! It’s “vintage”, so it’s got all those great nooks and crannies…and it’s not so great on closet space. So when we took our first trip up to see my parents at the beginning of the summer, my mom requested some organizational help with her two large closets: the hall closet and the bathroom closet.

It hadn’t been long since they moved when we got there, so these closets were still in the shape all closets are in soon after you move. “Oh, I’m not sure where to put this, so, for now, I’ll just put it in the closet.” I know y’all know what I mean, right?!

Here are the befores…

Closet Before 1


Before Closet 1

After assessing the situation, I started from the ground up…with a vision in my head of the most gorgeous finale ever. Like this:

Wouldn’t you love to have a closet that looks like this? I mean, even the dirty laundry in the basket looks pretty!

Anyways…my method with these kinds of organizational projects is simple: plan, purge, place.

Plan: How do I want this space to look? In order for it to look that way, what do I need? Where can I get what I need and when can I get it?

I really just wanted the space to look bright, fresh and clean. I also wanted things where they could be seen, so there was no confusion when searching for any needed items.

Purge: Pull everything out of whatever space is being organized. Set out box for “keep”, a box for “donate” and a box for “trash”. 

When I do this I do it fast. If you stop and think about items for too long, the whole exercise loses its effectiveness.

Place: Take everything that actually needs to have a home in the space and arrange it in a clear and efficient manner. 

After dusting and wiping down all the shelves, I applied a shelf liner, and, using the organizing supplies that I purchased at their local Walmart (and my label-maker, of course!) everything was placed back into the closets.

And now…ta-da!

Remember the closet in the bathroom? This is what we started with:

Closet Before 5

Closet Before 4

Closet Before 3

And look at all this wasted space in the bottom!

Closet Before 2

Once I was done…

After Closet 1

We followed all our “P’s” and that’s what came of it!

The top of this closet was originally full of blankets, which really should have been placed in the hall closet…so I did that, and look how much room is left! You can totally put another shelf up there!

After Closet 2

I corralled all the “little” things into these nifty drawers. Notice the space all around for extra items to be place in. It’s always great when you finish organizing something, and there’s ROOM for MORE! 

After Closet 3

My relationship with my label maker may or may not be an unhealthy one… 

After Closet 4

Even more space! And yes, I put shelf liner down on each shelf, just for a cleaner look!

After Closet 5

And to make use of the bottom space… 

After Closet 6

Perfect! All organized with room to spare!

After Closet 1

Now, on to the hall closet. Remember what we started with?

Before Closet 1

With the same process, here’s how it ended up:

Closet After 2

Again, room to spare! I LOVE that! All these extra storage tubs, just waiting to be used!

Closet After 3

Plenty of extra linens for when it gets cold in the mountains! 

Closet After 4

More clear-bin-storage so they can see things easily…

Closet After 5

…and the perfect place for luggage and overflow laundry!

Closet After 6

Closet After 2

Whatcha think? My mom is thrilled with how everything worked out! Which is all I wanted, really! 

If you have a space that needs a bit of organizing, just remember: PLAN, PURGE, PLACE!

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26 thoughts on “Just a Little Closet Organization

  1. When can you be here to give my closets a new lease on life? Really, you did an amazing job. One of my summer projects was going to be reorganizing all of the closets in the house. I guess it will now be my fall project because it just never happened. I’ll be sure and use your helpful tips!

  2. I love how they turned out! I love closets with extra space. I roved y book shelves to use a the hall closet for books. At first it looked great but now, well you know. Junky again! You mom is happy to have you help her! Sorry about that being further away but hey, you get to visit Georgia evey once in a while! And that spot outside for a garden…sounds so beautiful! I love all the vintage homes down south!

  3. Believe me, I bless the day you did this. I’ve been able to keep it pretty much the same. I guess when you organize it’s easier to keep clean. My favorite part: the laundry baskets that I can pull instead of lift!

  4. I have purged a lot of crap from my home, but finding the motivation to get to my closets is just beyond me lately. I think I needed to see this to spark my motivation! Great post!

  5. Oh the joys of moving! I’m sure your Mom loved your organizational assistance. The final look is wonderful. Now I know I need to do my closets, especially the linen closet! I’d be devastated if my parents had moved so far away. I know that is really a time of adjustment! My baby girl lives 2 hours away and I hate that.

  6. would you pretty please come do my closets? that’s what we have been working on today. The bathroom closets and our bedroom closet and Bella’s closet. I donated 4 big garbage bags full of clothes and still going. No more mount wash more for us.
    It’s amazing the things you find when you organize.

  7. Plan, Purge, Place–I have to remember that. My hall closet could use a lot of reorganizing and those bins with drawers would really help-gotta find a couple of those! My pantry could also use a bit of reorganizing–heck so could all my closets–who am I kidding! Thank you for the ideas!

  8. These closets look so amazing. I need to do this to my house. I will have to get the supplies i need this weekend.

  9. You have done a great job & the closets looks just amazing. I have been so lazy to clean my closets for long & I think you have just pushed me to go for the makeover right away.

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