Is Your Home Affecting Your Skin?

We’re continuing on the journey of ridding our home of nasty chemicals before the girls arrive later this summer, and can I just say: I had no idea there was so much JUNK in our house! It’s almost scary, the amount of chemicals that are in everyday items! And I’m so glad we started working on it when we did!

So when Phoebe Parlade offered some facts on things in household chemicals that could be affecting our skin, I felt it was important to share with all of you! Please! Take a few moments to educate yourself!

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Recently several studies have linked many medical issues to household chemical exposure. The Consumer Product Safety Commission points out that asthma rates, for example, have jumped an alarming fifty-nine percent since the year 1970. This trend is not necessarily surprising considering that household cleaning products alone now make up a $12 billion/year industry.

Additionally, the cosmetic industry is a roughly $40 billion/year industry. Several studies have continued to find strong correlations between chemicals used in both types of products and many illnesses. Here is a link with more detailed information about common and dangerous chemicals as well as alternative cleaning methods: 

Many of the chemicals commonly found in household cleansers and hygiene/beauty products can become extremely harmful when absorbed through the skin. The Organic Consumers Association states that in some cases absorption of chemicals through the skin can be more dangerous than oral ingestion. When chemicals are absorbed into the skin, there is no saliva or protective enzymes to assist in the chemical breakdown process. Instead, the chemicals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, from which they travel to vital organs, accumulating until they become toxic. This is even more concerning since a 2004 study revealed that the average adult uses nine personal care products on their body each day, and 126 different chemicals. The OCA also released a report in 2008 in which they found, “At least one toxic, carcinogenic chemical in over 40 different products labeled ‘natural.'” The prevalence of personal and household chemical use combined with the toxic effects of chemical exposure have been found to be correlated to cancers, allergies, asthma, birth defects, and many other health problems. 

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Consumers are left to wonder how they are so unprotected to harmful chemical exposure. Unfortunately, household cleaning products are regulated under the 1960 Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act, which requires them to list only the immediate hazards which could potentially happen when the product is misused on their product labels. Because of this and other regulatory loopholes, cleaning products are not regulated under the same guidelines as food and personal care products. As a result, it is estimated that up to eighty-five percent of warning labels are inadequate. 

As if all of the above isn’t bad enough, the International Agency for Research on cancer has concluded that eighty percent of fall cancers,”Are attributed to environmental rather than genetic factors.”

Consumers have essentially been left in the dark concerning comprehensive disclosure of chemical components and harmful effects of chemical exposure. Take charge of your own health and learn more about household chemicals!

Well, this gives me a few more things to check into, for sure! Have YOU ever discovered chemicals in your home that were a surprise to you? How did you replace them?

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24 thoughts on “Is Your Home Affecting Your Skin?

  1. It’s always surprising how many chemicals are in our homes. We have asthma and allergies so I try to use natural products when possible.

  2. This is a great post. Your home can absolutely affect your skin. The level of humidity and allergens in the home as well as other factors all contribute to your skin’s overall health.

  3. This is so informative! I’ve done my best to either make my own simple home care products, or buy earth and skin friendly alternatives. I heard on a program the other day that there can be over 2,000 chemicals brought into the home that can irritate our immune systems – yikes!

  4. I need to go through my house and see what all we have. With my allergies and asthma I need to start using all natural cleaning products.

  5. I agree with all of this. We need to be more careful with what chemicals we bring into our homes. I am always checking labels and I choose our foods and products very carefully.

  6. I don’t use many chemicals. I try to stick to DIY homemade cleaners or my favourites with less chemicals tin them, its so crazy and scary what is in most everything these days!

  7. This is such great info. I don’t think I’ve ever paid much attention to the ingredients of our home products, but I will def. start to now!

  8. Household cleaners scare me. Honestly, there is so much bad stuff in them. I try to use more natural products now but it’s tough. Sometimes I wonder if my fertility challenges are in part due to cleaners over the years.

  9. I have been trying to eliminate chemicals in my home. I have been experimenting with homemade cleaners and i love them.

  10. It’s crazy how chemicals in every day products can do so much harm. I try to
    Use as many all natural products as possible

  11. I’ve always tried to be conscious of what’s in the products I use in the house, even more so once I had my son. It’s nothing but natural cleaners/soaps around here now. The chemicals added to products are just scary!

  12. I think there are so many common household products we use every day can harm your skin because of the chemicals being used in almost everything. I always do my best to make sure I eliminate the wastages regularly to make sure all is well.

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