Introducing: Little Jacs, from Bil-Jac!

**PLEASE NOTE: While Bil-Jac DID provide me with this product to review at no cost, I was not in any way paid for my review. The following opinion is hereby my own.**

Hi, everyone! Taffy the White Doggie here!


Mommy decided to let me take over the blog for today, since she’s been pretty busy. Actually, we’ve ALL been pretty busy around the house lately. The reason? I have two new baby sisters!

Well, they’re getting kinda big now. But not too big. Seems like they’re growing fast, though. I’m starting to wonder if I’m gonna get chased here pretty soon. Yeah, probably. But for now, I’ve been trying to help where I can. 

Sometimes I make sure they don’t get scared when mommy has to sit them down…



…and sometimes I just make sure I’m near in case they wake up!



These days they don’t sleep as much as they used to, though.


So I just keep a general lookout to make sure everything is a-okay.

I thought it might be a little bit hard having two baby sisters. I mean, TWO at the SAME TIME! I figured that mommy and daddy wouldn’t have much time for me anymore, and I thought it might be kinda sad. Just me and CoCo the Black Kitty…that would have been awful. (Because I still don’t trust that cat all the way, ya know?)

But mommy and daddy have done lots of things to make sure I was okay when the new sisters came home! (In fact, I actually heard mommy and daddy talking about some of their New Year’s resolutions – they were to keep ME healthy, fit and well-behaved!)

They make sure I still got to go to the beauty shop, that I still got to go out and play in the yard lots, and that I got plenty of walks on my leash, too! But one of the best things was that they still make sure to feed me healthy food and treats! And they even found a new treat for me from Bil-Jac! Check these out!


Now, I’m kind of a medium dog, I think. But these training treats, no matter what size dog they’re for, are GOOD! Mommy and daddy used them to teach me how to be quiet when the new sisters are sleeping, and how to give them gentle kisses, too! I won’t lie, when I see the Bil-Jac treat bag come out, I’ll do just about anything for a few bites!

While I’m pretty thrilled that the treats are full of fresh chicken liver, mommy is happy that the Little-Jacs have no gluten meals, soy or added rendered fat. I don’t really care about all that, but if she’s happy then I’m happy!

So I guess being a watch dog of two baby sisters isn’t too bad. Some days it’s a bit tiring, I’ll admit. But I’m okay with it. As long as they don’t steal my Bil -Jac Little-Jacs treats!

And since I love these treats so much, I’m excited that I get to share a GIVEAWAY for all of you! Want to win some Bil-Jac Little-Jacs treats for YOUR doggie? Please enter below! Good luck, everyone!

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