I’ll Try to Contain Myself…

I say this to others often, normally in a deeply sarcastic manner. “Oh, it’s Monday again? I’ll try to contain myself…” That kind of thing! However, when I finally got to go to the newly-opened Container Store in Tampa…OH MY GOODNESS!!! I seriously had to work hard to “contain myself”!

Now, I’ve made purchases on their website, and watched them on Facebook and Twitter, and perused their catalog, but I had never been there.

My husband and I had both taken the day of our anniversary off to spend it together last week, and when our plans were rained out, he suggested that we go to the Container Store instead…because he knew how much I had been wanting to pay a visit. Talk about true love!!! And a VERY patient man, ha!

The first very exciting thing was…


I could hear the Hallelujah Chorus! HA! I DO love a sale!

Now, there really are far too many wonderful things at the Container Store to chronicle here, but I wanted to show you a few things that I absolutely loved!

Have you ever seen those closets that are perfectly color-coordinated, and everything is SO organized you almost can’t stand it? Yeah, I’m gonna have one of those one of these days…and my hubby actually liked this color combo, so it may happen sooner than I think!


They had some other pretty combos, too…but I must admit, I drooled over this one for a while!

We both LOVED the garage section – who wouldn’t love this?!


And, he was also pretty amused with all of the bubble wrap they had in their packing supplies section! Cracks me up!

Bubble wrap

They have all kinds of great stuff to organize your office with, whether it’s a home office or in the work place! Boxes of all colors and some really neat memo boards!

Box & Board

And these things were pretty cool! You mount the base to the wall, and they’re magnetic – so you can move all the different components around anywhere, anytime! Nifty, huh?


I was especially entranced by the section full of items to be used in packaging baked goods! (Yes, we all know I love to bake and give to folks – these things were SO pretty!)

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Oh how much fun I could have…but I WAS a little overwhelmed.


Yeah. See what I mean?

I ended up purchasing a cardboard cake box for a cake I was prepping to make and two soda can racks for the fridge. I WILL be going back, though, and when it’s pantry re-do time, I’m getting me one of these to mount on the inside of my pantry door…


Fabulous, I say!

And I was SO VERY proud to run into one of my clients there! She was buying things to get organized, wohoo!!!


All in all, it was wonderful, and I will definitely go back! Even CoCo the black kitty cat approved!


Have YOU been to the Container Store? What treasures did you find? What other organizational products are your faves?

10 thoughts on “I’ll Try to Contain Myself…

    • Ahhh…that’s a new angle, huh? I limit myself to what I have a specific plan for. If I don’t have a plan for whatever organizational product I see, then I don’t purchase it. No matter how cool it is.

  1. Thanks for featuring me in yr blog! I’m a 2 time wonder! What is yr next blog, so I can in that one too! lol! JK (not really)

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