Ideas For a Family Get Together This Summer

Now that it looks like we’re soon to come to the end of all this lovely pandemic fun, I’m even more thankful that summer is just around the corner! With the summer season comes everything that goes with it, including vacations, cookouts, sports outings, tailgates, pool parties, beach parties, camping trips, family gatherings, reunions, and more. All of these activities are great and they help you make a lot of great memories, but it can also lead to you not seeming to have time to get together with friends and family that you do not get to see often. It is so important to make time to see friends and family when it is possible, whether you browse a grilling blog for a cookout with them or plan a getaway together. 

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Here are a few fun ideas to do this summer that will give you a great time together and amazing memories to last a lifetime.

Ice cream socials

When it is summertime, you obviously want something that is fun, tasty to eat and helps cool you down at the same time. Ice cream is the best creamy treat to add to any party and it can be turned into something as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Purchase a few gallons of different flavor ice creams, or make it yourself. Have just a couple or a few dozen toppings set out to put on top. People will flock to your house and you are sure to have a lot of laughs and great conversations over several bowls of ice cream.

Game tournaments

If you and your family and friends are more competitive and like to play games together, then consider throwing a tournament outside like those you used to have when you were a kid. Grab some horseshoes, badminton, downloadable escape room kits, a kickball or even plan a couple scavenger hunts and get outside. There will be hours of fun for kids and adults and you will love holding the victory over the other team’s head.

Picnics are the best

Have everyone pick food or a drink to bring and get outside for a picnic together. All you need are a couple of blankets, some good food, and you will have all of the time in the world to visit with one another while you eat what each other brought. You can even bring some balls or frisbees and do fun physical activities after you eat. If there are kids that are going to be there, consider having the picnic at a playground so the kids can have some fun bonding time as well.

Go on joint family trips

Your summer trips do not have to be just you and your immediate family, though those are essential for family bonding as well. If you are planning a trip anyway, consider planning it with your dear friends and/or your extended family and having one big trip at the same time. Not only will this save on trip costs, but it will give you several days and nights to all catch up together and create lasting memories. Who knows, maybe a trip will become a yearly tradition.

Throw a pool party

You can have a pool party even if you do not own a pool at your own house by renting out a time slot at a public pool in your area or reserving your spot at an apartment complex if that is where you live. There are plenty of pool games to play and you can have a whole host of refreshing foods to dive into at the same time. There is nothing better to do on a hot summer’s day than to eat yummy food together and cool off in the water afterward. Add in a speaker with some music going and turn a regular pool party into a dance party.

There are so many easy and simple things that you can do with your friends and your family during the summer. It does not have to be elaborate or consume all of your planning for it to be fun and memorable. All you need is some simple finger foods and each other and you are sure to laugh and make memories to carry you all through the rest of the year when you may not be able to see each other as much.

Oh, and make sure to take actions to prevent any accidents or injuries during the activities with kids. Safety first!

What are YOUR plans for the summer?

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