How’s it Looking?

Since last week here on the blog was FULL of Christmas, I’ve tried to take it a little bit easy on Christmas this week. But, I wanted to check in and see how things are looking for all y’all Christmas preppers!


Remember back in August when I posted “131 Days Until Christmas! (But no worries…I’ve got tricks for you!)“? (If you didn’t read it, you might wanna take a look – it’s probably too late to help you this year, but if you’re feeling stressed out right now, you’ll definitely be able to use it next year!)

So here’s how it’s working for me so far:

September 16: 100 days until Christmas (I do very well with reminders! At this reminder I just start thinking in general about Christmas.)

October 25: 2  months until Christmas (Just another reminder for my sanity’s sake! And at this point I start writing down notes related to all things Christmas.)

November 4: Begin compiling Christmas Card List (This was really easy this year! I just went to my digital files, pulled last year’s Christmas Card Mailing List and adjusted it accordingly!)

November 10: Deadline to have someone else shoot our Christmas photos (I wasn’t sure this year if I wanted another photographer to shoot our photos our if I wanted to do them myself.)

November 11: Decide on Christmas gifts (This is one of those things I’ve already been making notes on.)

November 18: Decide on Christmas baking, 2 weeks until Cyber Monday (I’ve already been making notes on this, as well, and another reminder never hurts!)

November 24: Deadline to have ME shoot our Christmas photos (I went ahead and did them myself this year!)

November 25: 1 month until Christmas, 1 week until Cyber Monday, Order Christmas cards (A couple more reminders, and I design our Christmas cards myself, and then upload them for printing, easy peasy!)

December 2: Cyber Monday, Start on Christmas card labels (I ordered all the gifts online and saved almost $200 on Cyber Monday, and the Christmas card labels were so easy, because I used last year’s file, and just adjusted for new addresses, etc.)

December 11: Mail Christmas cards (Yep!)

December 18: Mail out-of-town gifts (Haven’t gotten to this one yet, but I’m almost ready for it!)

Now, there’s lots of things that aren’t listed above. There ARE some things that I just kinda do by the seat of my pants, believe it or not. For instance…

  • Wrapping. I just grab it when I find what I like! And then I just wrap gifts as they arrive in the mail.
  • Baking. I bake lots and lots all at once, and when I have time I bake some more. Then I always have treats for everyone!
  • Events. I have all our Christmas events on the calendar…but there are SO many to attend that it’s hard to plan everything around them. Lots of times we’re popping in at one place and leaving very quickly for another!
  • Decor. I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, and usually take about a week to get everything exactly how I want it!

Whatcha think? How’s it looking for you? Any special tips for this time of the year? Do share!

46 thoughts on “How’s it Looking?

  1. I’m still not done shopping, I am hoping to finish that up next week sometime. I do know most of what I have to go get, but there are a couple I just need to.go look for. I did order quite a bit online this year as well, and the nice part about that was I could ship directly to the recipients.

  2. I’m not quite done with shopping. I decorate the second week in November in order to have time for everything else. Wish I had read your post back in August! I could have used it. 🙂

  3. You’re so organized! I usually panic around the end of November like December snuck up on me somehow.

    I’ve been a slacker this year. Not one decoration in my house. It’s been a bit of a relief. My last child left the house a few months ago, so I decided no tree! No decorations! Honestly, I miss the lights a little bit. Next year, I’ll decorate some but nothing like other years.

  4. Wow! Talk about being organized. I wish I would have started when you did. Still got a lot on my plate at the moment so can’t share any tips. But this is something to think about for next year. THANKS!

  5. I try to be a year-round Christmas shopper, but this year life didn’t allow for that. My decorations are almost complete, but after last year’s Christmas flood and the re-doing of my entire downstairs, I had to re-figure just how my decorations are placed. I also have a couple pieces of large furniture that need to get moved (one of them upstairs…ugh!) Once that is done, I will start feeling a whole lot better. I love to bake for Christmas…I haven’t even started yet. I have some things that need to be accomplished before I can even think of beginning that task.

    My goal is just to have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas. Times they are a changing, and I’m looking forward to a new life full of blessings and happiness. Enjoy, Kristen! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  6. Wow – great job!! It’s such a busy time of year, and I feel overwhelmed. But I’m almost there… still have to wrap presents, send half of the cards & mail out packages – but at least I’m close… ~Renee

  7. Waiting on a couple more things to arrive in the mail, will have to wrap and mail them. I’m more pleased with my decorating this year than I have been in the past, I think. Maybe because I made some new decorations? I feel like I got a jump on things this year because we had our progressive dinner last Friday and we were a host house, so I had to get things done in a hurry. Sorta feel like Christmas is over now though. hahaha Will be posting some of my new creations soon.

    • I find that having events at the house gives me a deadline on which to finish projects and decorating, etc. Normally ends up a little stressful, but still, I get things done, so I like that! Can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

  8. I think I am done shopping but I need to double Check. Wrapping is almost done too. Baking….I’ve done enough. I may do more but I don’t have to. Meal is planned and ingredients purchased. Decorating…..not so much. I need to but I am not in the mood. I need to get through tomorrow. Then I am gonna slow down. Do what I can and make Joy and Worship a priority!

  9. I do need to be better organized with the holidays. I have only bought one gift so far! I’m planning on using our snowstorm today for online shopping, that should be everything. We have a few family members far away, so shipping direct is always best. This year I spent more time doing home made for kids, which will be accompanied by a ‘cookie club’, a gift they’ll receive all year. I’m looking forward to hearing their excitement at getting these throughout the year 🙂 Each year I try to simplify, budget, find a few more hours for just spending time with family and friends. I’m definitely going to check out your Christmas organization list.. I can use ALL the help I can get!

  10. You are super organized! I feel like such a slacker looking at your post! LOL I do things by the seat of my pants. I don’t get bent outta shape, I just do it. I always plan to be more organized each year and do this and do that, but it never happens. Great job!!

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