How You Can Tour the Tropics without Leaving the USA!

Summer is almost over, y’all. I know. It’s sad. Before you know it, the winter blues and blahs will be totally getting you down. Why not make your plans NOW to explore some new territory via a much deserved vacation during the coldest time of the year? In other words, get out of the house and out of the frigid North! There’s plenty of fun and adventure to be had down yonder in the sunny South. By then, you’ll have the money and the vacation time saved up. Now is the time to make a plant and put it to good use. You’ve scrimped and saved and stinted yourself long enough. Why not pamper yourself with a sweet sunny Southern vacation?

Packing List For Vacation Or Trip

South of the Border, so to Speak

Of course, the continent we live on is called North America for a reason. It isn’t exactly full of year round balmy weather, as any lifelong resident of Chicago could easily see. But, even so, it does have its share of places that are almost as truly tropical as any island in the Caribbean. You can travel down to the sunny South to find a balmy climate and plenty of good times. (I should know, I LIVE here!) But, of course, you’ve got to plan your travel like a pro in order to make the best vacation trip. So how do you do it?

Plan like a Pro, Live like a King

You can truly live like a king on vacation if you play your cards right. Mostly, it’s all about planning like a pro. For example, if you really want to spend a week or two in the tropical regions, you need to plan your trip at least 30 days in advance. This will give you a leg up on all of your fellow snow birds who are becoming more desperate to escape the frigid cold as the winter season wears on. Book your trip in advance and beat your peers to the punch!

Vacations Computer Key For Booking And Finding Holidays Online

Beat Out the Competition with a Hotel Search

For example, if you’re interested in flying down to Orlando, it’s a good idea to punch in a Google search for Orlando hotels. This will get you started on finding all the best deals for airfare, hotels, and any other arrangements you feel you need to make. Booking in advance not only gives you a head start, it also can sometimes hook you up with great deals and discounts from hotel owners who are happy to fill up all of their available rooms as far in advance as possible.

Location, Location, Location!

There are so many locations in the South to choose from that you may have trouble pinning one down. Are you the kind of person that prefers to laze about in a lounge chair, soaking in the sun and catching up with a good book? Or are you more the diver, the surfer, or the fisher? Whatever type of vacation you choose, you’ll need to have all your reservations booked in advance.


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18 thoughts on “How You Can Tour the Tropics without Leaving the USA!

  1. I don’t love the idea of leaving the US, especially with kids, so I am all for going to places in my own country. There are so many gorgeous places that I have yet to visit.

  2. I prefer to stay in the US, but I would love to visit Europe one day. I will have to check out Hipmunk when I am planning my next vacation.

  3. I have never traveled out of the country, and probably wouldn’t until my kids are older. I think Hipmunk sounds like a pretty cool site. I’m bookmarking it for future use!

  4. This would be a wonderful idea if I had that kind of money to scrimp and save. We are just paying our bills and a few extras there isn’t room at all for a vacation fund. Even if it’s to travel one state over. Perhaps some day but not any time soon at least that’s the reality of it for us.

  5. Hipmunk is pretty new to me. My husband travels a lot for his business & I think he might have a better use of it. We have never traveled anywhere out of the country & honestly we have a lot to visit here.

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