How You Can Take Your Kids Camping Without a Hitch

Since our girls were born (20 whole months ago – WOW!) we haven’t done any traveling. Well, I take that back. We went to see my aunt and uncle about 3 hours away, but that was it. After all, traveling with twins to the next city over is challenging enough – going on an actual vacation or anything similar is just a ton of work. But here lately we’ve been discussing camping as a possible option. Hey, don’t get me wrong: if I’M gonna camp it’s gonna be in an RV! But that might be a decent option for our family at this point.

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As parents, there are a lot of things that stress us out when it comes to our kids. Their health, safety, and whole demeanour when traveling is concerned. For some reason, there’s a lot of apologizing happening in planes and buses. If going from point A to point B makes them quite a handful already, what more if it is a camping trip?


Don’t worry, there are always ways to curb stress when you are camping with your kids. Here are some of them!

Orient them about the site

One of the first things you need to do is talk to them about camping and tell them everything about the site you have chosen. They need to know that while they will be in a protected park or reserve, that it is still living in the wilderness. Which means some of their electronic indulgences like TV or Wifi will not be readily available.

Clearly label all containers

So that you won’t have problems when you are setting up camp, put all your items in a clear tub with labels on them. Organizing all essentials in labeled containers will also make it easier for the family to spot and grab what you need, and even easier when you are already packing.

Create a ‘layout’ for your camping spot

To keep the camp organized, you can also assign spots at the camping area. Designate a place where they can wash their hands and feet, where to put their dirty laundry, trash, and so on. In a way, it teaches them a few things, like cleaning their hands before eating and cleaning after themselves (e.g. putting their plates away) after eating.

Allow them to choose where in the site they can sleep

Just to get them involved while you are setting up, make them choose where they want to sleep in the camp. You have to make it clear how big your site is and then put markers so they know if they are going out of the boundary. While you and your partner are fixing the cooking station and the fire log area, leave them to set up their own tent.

Bring entertainment everyone loves

Always expect that kids get bored. To avoid tantrums during your trip, ask them what they want to bring to the camp. These are electronic-free items like boardgames, a badminton set, playing cards, and more. You can even create a program for the trip like doing crafts in the morning, a friendly sports competition in the afternoon, and a jamming session in the evening.

Pack snacks they like

Food is going to be another problem if they do not like what you have brought. To make sure that this is not going to be an issue, involve them in choosing the snacks and the menu for the whole trip. This will ensure that they will eat whatever it is that you have packed.

And so you can get to your camping sites safely and efficiently, you can check out available campervans near your chosen camp site. Read more here to get information for your campervan needs.

Have you ever gone camping with kids? What’s your top pointer?

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