How Toys Can Impact The Development of Children

At this time in my family’s timeline, I’m a stay-at-home mom. (I mean, I stay home with our 19-month-old twins, but I also run several small businesses and attempt to keep my house clean and my husband happy, too…but you get the idea!)

I take all of these responsibilities seriously, of course, but one thing I’ve been paying close attention to is how our girls play. And what they play with. And how they interact with toys and each other. They start daycare in the Fall, and I want to make sure they’re in line with the rest of the kiddos, ya know?

So when Nik Stoyanov sent me over a post on child development and toys, well, it was perfect timing! Interesting read here, for sure! 

Toys are one of the rare items on which parents spare no expense. And rightfully so.

This product group is crucial for baby’s and child’s development. It introduces infant to the world and helps build motoric skills and senses. However, not every toy is ideal. This is precisely why parents need to prioritize and provide the right toys at the right moment.

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Here are some thing you need to know as a parent.

Toys for Newborns

Babies are extremely eager to learn. They are very curious beings and easily stimulated by things that surround them. All these colors and patterns are new to them so it takes them a while to get used to this situation. In fact, you as a parent can impact an infant’s development by introducing it to the right toys. Musical and sound toys are important during first months. Also, you need to introduce toys with various colors and schemes. This will help baby develop vision. As the time goes by, more advanced toys are necessary; toys that will develop motoric skills. Have in mind that all these toys are used so that your baby is more proactive and engaged.


Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are already used to toys at this point. This period allows for more experimenting as you have already covered the basic senses. During this time, the child will learn more advanced things and continue its previous development. Have in mind that toddlers can still play with the same toys with which they played during infancy. But now, they can use even some more advanced tools. Blocks are pretty great during this time as they introduce kids to problem solving and develop their creativity. Crayons are also good as they also improve their creativity. Cars and small kids’ vehicles can also be an interesting choice as they help kids move around and explore their surroundings also increasing their autonomy. Reborn dolls can also be great as they slowly teach kids how to behave responsibly and to take care of things.


Toys for Preschoolers

During the preschool period, a child should be able to differentiate letters and numbers. He or she should also have some language skills which will be used going forward for socialization. Books with letters and numbers are wonderful as they teach kids the basics. But, make sure to avoid excessive use of electric devices and apps as they can have a negative impact on development. Educational toys are crucial during this period and will give your child a good head start. Make sure to use toys that are interesting as you need to develop your child’s retention. It’s not only about learning new things but also preparing a child for future learning and creating a good basis for future education. Even if you’re using one and the same toy, it can still be productive as long as the child is learning. Have in mind that these educational toys shouldn’t only be educational but also interesting to a child so they draw attention for longer periods of time.


Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t understand importance of this initial period for small ones. They tend to think that everything will be ok and that they don’t have to work that much. This is completely wrong.

Kids need hands-on approach and parents willing to invest lots of time into their upbringing. Toys are just on small part of it all. They are definitely good learning tools and will develop various skills and senses through playing. But still, parents need to be there to  facilitate the process and help in situations where toys are insufficient.

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Thanks so much for this info, Nik! This not only helps ME a lot, but I know it will be helpful to my readers, too!

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10 thoughts on “How Toys Can Impact The Development of Children

  1. I agree. The right toys are key. Sometimes though when you have older siblings younger ones get their hands on those toys and it can be a battle to keep it age appropriate. I definitely like the toys that teach what kids should be learning by kindergarten.

  2. I cannot get over the fact that some parents leave their child’s development up to chance. I know I am constantly worrying and reassessing whether I am doing all that I can for them. Play is possibly the most crucial part of a child’s development (along with love). I like how you have broken down how it is different for each age.

  3. This is a lovely post. We researched a lot before buying our daughter’s toys and still do. But the best toy is the freedom to run outside in the nature, isn’t it?

  4. Very helpful information for new and seasoned parents alike. I loved that you stressed the importance of parents having a more active part in an infant’s and toddler’s learning experience.

  5. This is really informative. As a mom of 4, I have definitely learned to distinguish between toys that are worth it and those that are complete waste of money. Toys definitely have a great impact on a child’s development.

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