How to Wash Your Baby’s Clothes

As a new mom, you’ll notice how sensitive your newborn’s skin can be. From the soap you use at bath time to the detergent you use for their laundry, their skin’s reaction will tell you if you’ve got the right stuff. However, if you start to notice little small patches of skin irritation or dry spots, it could be that your baby needs something that’s a lot less harsh on their skin. A lot of times parents will switch their body lotion and soap without thinking about the detergent they are using for their baby’s clothes and blankets.

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To avoid these annoying skin allergies due to laundry issues, here are some tips on how to wash your baby’s belongings. 

Use a mild detergent

Scented detergents have a tendency to be hard on a baby’s skin. It’s best to choose fragrance-free options to avoid the extra chemicals and perfumes used to make the scent. Another thing to look out for when shopping for a detergent is the added dyes used. Added dyes are known to cause skin irritation among babies. The best detergent for your baby is something that is free of dyes, scents, and is hypoallergenic.

Wash baby clothes separately

A lot of times we question if we should wash loads together with our baby’s clothes and blankets and the answer is really up to you and your lifestyle. Sometimes it may be more work to wash your baby’s clothes separately. If you switch the combined family load to the baby-safe detergent then you should be fine. However, if you think your clothes may contain extra chemicals such as that lovely perfume you like to wear out, or if anyone in your household works with other dangerous types of chemicals, it may not be safe for your baby. 

A lot of parents wash their baby’s clothes separately to be safe, but also because they like the added scent to their own clothes. If you would like to wash your baby’s clothes separately without having too much extra work, wash their clothes every three days so that the load is light enough to put the washing machine on the lightest soil setting. This will make your baby’s clothes quicker to launder and quicker to fold and put away.

Follow instructions

Another issue you may run into is shrinkage. Some onesies, blankets, mitts and caps may shrink due to the material. Some may require you use cold water and hang dry them, while others are okay being washed in hot water to get rid of spit ups and other stains. If you see that you are following directions but are still experiencing shrinkage, it may be the actual material that just doesn’t wash well. Organic cotton onesies at The Spunky Stork are made with organic material that will wash well several times. Shopping for items such as these can save you money since you won’t need to replace pieces from your baby’s laundry as often. 

As a last tip and a precaution, don’t forget to wash your brand new baby clothes that you either ordered online or bought at the store before they come in contact with your baby. 

Do YOU have any baby laundry tips to share?

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