How to Store Excess Bedroom Items – A Guest Post!

So you’ve probably been a little focused on spring cleaning. You may have even gotten a bit of cleaning done over the long Easter weekend, eh?

A major part of spring cleaning is organizing…you know, so the clean STAYS clean! So when Ella from Moving Van contacted me and asked about a guest post on storage, I figured it was the perfect time to hear more! Here’s what she had to say:

While there are many different shapes and sizes of storage space, few are more economical and inclusive than a cubicle-type setup. So what does this mean exactly? Basically you will save money through using astorage space that is smaller yet contains lots of squares, or cubes. Any other shape is counterproductive as it won’t lend a way of sustaining neatness.

Storage - how to store excess bedroom items across compact cubicles2

Once you’ve designated the space, it’s then advisable to supply your own set of shelves. Specifically, these shelves should come in the form of compact cubicles without too much space in between them. These can be bought relatively cheap and locally at furniture stores.

While this may seem restrictive initially, you’ll thank this kind of setup later in that your separate bedroom compartments will take on greater definition.

Any effort across removals and storage is only useful if the items moved are stored correctly. So basically it’s not acceptable to dump excess items, even when such an approach succeeds in clearing large chunks of space elsewhere. Despite your excitement at moving, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of those non-priority items, since you never know when you may need to retrieve them.

In the case of storing bedroom items, see your storage of such things as comprising something of a second bedroom. In short, the more squares on your shelf, the more memorable the space is across items. For example, placing folded sports gear on one of the square shelves will help remind you that that cube is the go-to place for sports gear, and so on. Ideally your shelf unit itself will vary slightly across size of square compartments. Indeed, a common space hog among women’s gear are those tall standing knee-high boots. Ideally footwear like this will be able to sit on its own shelf without having to be folded down to fit in. So in this case a slightly longer or taller shelf is best.

Folded shirts can of course sit on hangers going across a middle bar, but only so many can squeeze in. In the case of left over shirts, etc., fold and iron them tightly together before separating them across functional categories and squeezing them into the smaller size cubes. Dominant functional categories include work gear, sports gear, cleaning gear, bathroom gear, excess winter gear and swimming gear. Obviously there will be variation among different people.

Storage - how to store excess bedroom items across compact cubicles

So, up to this point, your shelves probably look pretty decent, as much as you can picture them in advance, that is. But what about things like thick winter coats? While we don’t expect you to have gear fit for the North Pole, padded puff jackets are nonetheless an accessory likely to be stored in summer. They can be hard to fold and press down. In this case, roll individual jackets up like you would a sleeping bag, instead of folding them at all.

Now proceed to place all padded puff jackets into spare pillow cases also going into storage. After slowly releasing any trapped air, tie a tight knot in each case and proceed to place your newly made-up padded puff jacket containers, right at the back of a cubicle. Between 3-4 jackets packaged like this should all fit on one square.

Things like excess dressing gowns will also benefit from a similar technique in packing, only they won’t be as hard to pin down as puff jackets. That said, be sure to wrap such things tightly in order to sit at least two gowns in a single cubicle.

Read more tips at:

Now, we have one cube storage shelving unit in our home, and I LOVE it. Depending on how large they are, they also make really neat room dividers!


Thanks so much, Ella, for the awesome post! Now, how about you? Do you have any cube storage units? Do you see how they could help you solve some of your organizational problems?

80 thoughts on “How to Store Excess Bedroom Items – A Guest Post!

  1. Maybe it is just me, but most of the problems result from simply having too much “stuff” and not enough of the right kind of storage. The photos above are of rooms in which major changes were made to accommodate more storage or different types of storage. If one lives in an older home, some of these kinds of changes are cost prohibitive. My answer was to work out the needed changes in existing storage to suit the things we have to have. Space bags are used for out of season things until they are needed, then the seasonal things are stored in space bags until needed. They are accessible if needed, but compact while stored. I have a “hope chest” at the end of the bed in our master bedroom that does a great job of storing unneeded bedding, but also holds out of season clothes until they are needed. BTW, I do not allow “fashion” and “trends” to dictate what I purchase, so I do not have a lot of excess to store.

  2. That’s some good advice…I have a wooden cube unit that is currently a big bookshelf against a wall but in my previous home with a bigger living space it made a brilliant room divider.

    Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge πŸ™‚

  3. Very professionally looking decorated rooms, dreamy! Our bedroom closet is completely full and organized according to the color of the clothes. I am currently working on a process of making all my hangers the same color. Less is more is a good motto for the master bedroom itself.

  4. I like the cube wall for books, it has a nice airy look. I try to get rid of all my excess stuff so I don’t have much to store except the hubby’s book!

  5. The only cubicle storage system I can think of is in the playroom. One of those 3×3 shelves with some having pull out squares and some open. Works well to hold loose items like Barbie dolls and their gear. Other than that, I have a variety of square baskets in the linen closet where we store medicines also. I had some round ones too but totally lost too much space with those!

  6. What a great idea – I have to admit we could really do with some more storage – it’s just finding somewhere to fit it though that’s the main problem lol x

  7. Storage solutions! I’ve recently started decluttering (shhhh, dont’ tell anyone i’m actually trying to get organized!). In my quest to become neater and stay that way I find myself stuffing my closets til they bulge.. yes, my closets now bulge.. I love these tips. You always offer some great info and always always loads of inspiration! By the way, the picture of the first bedroom… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I could frame that and take a nap!

  8. I love cube storage, so easy to stack and arrange to fit your space. I need to store all my off-season stuff now that it’s getting warmer out!

  9. I love the pictures. πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’ll ever have storage like this though, we don’t have room for the storage units. If our stuff keeps getting unmanageable I know it is time to declutter.

  10. Great ideas! I really want one of those cube storage units, but figuring out where to put it is the problem. I usually store my winter stuff add excess stuff in the barn in a new clean outdoor garbage can taped shut with duct tape. We’d be lost without our barn.

  11. Thanks for great tips! We have a small apartment and extra storing places is always necessary. I was thinking on buying cube storage units too.

  12. These ideas are something I would totally need – I have a lot of excess baggage around my bedroom area

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