How to Slice a Pineapple

We LOVE fresh fruit at our house, and one of our favorites is pineapple! Actually, pineapple is good for much more than eating, too! Did you know that pineapples…

  • Help to fight off colds
  • Help strengthen bones
  • Promote good gum health
  • Aid in digestion
  • Prevent hypertension

I’m sure there are many other uses, too…but those are the ones I can spout off the top of my head! (OH! The pineapple is also a symbol for hospitality!)

But the one thing about pineapples are that they are pretty hard to “get to”. The fresh ones, that is. And I’m referring to slicing them. Now, I’ve been slicing them up for years, but the other day, my friend saw a fresh pineapple I had sitting on my kitchen counter, and she informed me she would never buy a fresh one because she had no idea how to cut it. I was a bit surprised, and then I started to think, how many people don’t know how to slice one? Hence, this post!

So, you need a pineapple (I know, I’m hilarious), a cutting board (pineapple is actually good for keeping up wooden cutting boards, so I grabbed my bamboo one) and a very good knife.


I slice off the top and about two inches below it…


…and you’ll see what I do with THAT at the end of the post!


Then off comes the bottom…


…and then I slice it in quarters.



I find it’s easier to finish off when it’s quartered up. Because then the core and the rind both can be sliced off with no problems!



If there are any spores left, I grab my peeler and pop them out!



Then I slice up what’s left!



And sometimes I like to leave some large slices with the rind still on!


Once it’s all sliced up I seal it all into some food storage containers and right into the fridge. We like it cold the best!

Now, remember the top of the pineapple I sliced off at the beginning? I’m building a pineapple garden!


Because you know you can plant the tops of pineapples and they grow a whole new plant! Cool, huh? And I can’t wait until I can just walk out into my backyard and cut a fresh pineapple from my pineapple garden!

So there you have it. How to slice a pineapple. How do YOU slice yours? And what’s your favorite fresh fruit?

77 thoughts on “How to Slice a Pineapple

  1. Hum I usually buy pineapple already sliced-a bit more expensive but I never knew how to do it! Well now I do–thank you!! As for growing a pineapple plant-I definitely have to tell my Mom about that one-she is the green thumb in the family!

  2. I do it almost the same, I quarter it after I cut off the peel but pretty much the same thing. I had a neighbor say the same thing about not knowing how to tackle one yesterday. I will point her in this direction. I will try planting the top of the one on my counter….very cool!

  3. That is how I always cut my pineapples. I grew a pineapple back home for just over a year, it was getting to where it would actually grow a new one. I purposefully put it in a pot in case we had to move and then we had to move out of state and I could not take it – I was so disappointed to have to leave it behind. My friends said it was the best pineapple they ever had, lol.

  4. I slice mine the same as well. I am currently on a watermelon kick, so I guess that would currently be my favorite fruit. I’m happy to have anything with strawberries and blueberries in it as well. Love fresh fruit season!

  5. Love pineapples! My dad used to grow lots of them (not sure if he still does because I moved away)…I have a fresh cut one in my fridge right this moment – partially cut! Great tutorial. I usually do a similar technique like yours but I live to suck on the core inside after I slice them up!

  6. Well, if I am being honest, I usually buy the canned chunks, since there is no sugar added. 😉 I have cut them before and I like your method and will try it out! My sister-in-law planted a top like that, not sure if she every got a new pineapple out of it. Hope you have better luck!

  7. I sliced a pineapple yesterday! This is one of our favorite treats! When we lived in Hawaii, we’d go to the Dole Farm and buy fresh pineapples.

  8. Great post on How to cut pineapples.I have never cut a pineapples as I don’t like it.After reading your post I am rethinking about tasting it again !! 🙂

  9. I will have to use these directions the next time I buy one. My one son just loves pineapple and sometimes I don’t buy it because it is so messy to cut. Thanks!

  10. We planted ours too! But it takes a long time to grow! I have a pineapple cutter I got on Amazon and it takes about 30 seconds to do. (Plus I think it was like $3!)

  11. Your slices look WAY better than mine! I probably waste a good amount the way I do it. I had heard you can grow your own, but you’ve inspired me to designate a small portion of my garden to pineapple!! YUMMM!!!

  12. GET OUT!! you can plant your own pineapple?!! Of course that’s my favorite part of this post! How long before you have a grownup pineapple? I’m thinking that may not work here in New England but now I’m super curious and just have to know if I can do this too!!! and impress the heck out of my gardening fool husband! Love the tips for cutting too, but back to the plant.. ???

    • HA! Well, supposedly so! We’ll see if it works for me or not. It takes about a year to a year and a half…but I know it can be done because my mom is doing it right now! She’s got new pineapples growing!

  13. I always bought the cored pineapples until my Mom told me how easy it is to slice yourself. Now I buy the whole ones and do it myself!! You get so much more too. Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday Linky 🙂

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