How to Prepare Your Home for a Visit From Your Parents

There are two types of people in this world: those who jump for joy when they hear their parents are coming for a visit and those who jump over to the liquor cabinet for a stiff drink when they hear this news. (You don’t have to tell me which one you are…but just so you know, there’s no liquor cabinet at my house! HA!)

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All kidding aside, when mom and dad are coming for a visit, you need to get your home ready for them. Here’s how to prepare your abode for a smooth and stress-free visit.

Get Ready to Clean

If your home is typically always company-ready in terms of its cleanliness, you can definitely skip this step. But for the 99 percent of you who need a little assistance in this department, take heed: while you’ll have to spend some time tidying up your house for your parents’ visit, you don’t have to lose your mind in the process.

In the days leading up to their visit, make it a point to deep clean each of your bathrooms. During this process, you can use a combination of warmed up vinegar and Dawn dish soap to help remove stubborn soap scum from the tub and shower.

You’ll also want to spend some time cleaning the baseboards. If your folks tend to notice and comment on things that should be cleaned, dusting or scrubbing the baseboards prior to their visit should impress them (and keep them quiet). Tackle one or two of these cleaning projects per day, and you should be able to get it done before they arrive.

Then, on the day of their arrival, do a once-over by starting from top to bottom: dust everything, including electronics; wipe down the kitchen counters; and vacuum the entire place.

Upgrade Your Home Security System

If your mom tends to be a bit of a worrywart when it comes to safety — and your dad loves a good gadget — you can appease them both by investing in a home security system. Now, if you’re not a natural-born DIY’er, no worries — you can always opt for wireless or wire-free security cameras.

These camera styles are super easy to install, offer plenty of bells and whistles, and capture super clear footage that will impress your dad while helping to keep your mom’s mind at ease.

Remove Clutter & Add Scent

In addition to partaking in basic cleaning jobs, you should also declutter a bit to get ready for your company. For instance, take everything off your coffee table in one fell swoop and then decide, piece by piece, what to keep and what to donate, toss or recycle. Before putting the items you want back on the coffee table, clean off the surface with a few spritzes of Lemon Pledge.

As a bonus, the citrusy scent will help make your entire room smell good. Speaking of which, you can also open windows as you clean to bring in some fresh air or use an essential oil diffuser. Opt for calming lavender to soothe your pre-company nerves and make your whole place smell divine at the same time.

Stock the Fridge with the Basics

If you’re not always great about cooking for yourself, that’s okay. But to make the visit with your folks as pleasant as possible, be sure to have some basic beverages and snacks on hand. If they love coffee in the morning, buy a nice assortment of K-cups and have half and half or creamer on hand.

A dozen eggs in the fridge; a good loaf of bread in the pantry; bottled water, beer and/or wine (or their favorite choice of beverage); and cheese, nuts and crackers are all solid food choices to have ready to serve.

Have a Good Time with Your Folks

Regardless of whether the end of the visit will have you tearing up or breathing a sigh of relief, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for a visit from your folks.

From doing some thorough cleaning and decluttering, installing a new home security system, and stocking the pantry and fridge (oh, and remember to breathe), you’ll undoubtedly give your folks less to worry and nitpick about and more opportunities to enjoy their time with you.

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