How to Maximize a Small Balcony Space

I was sitting on my screened-in porch the other day, watching Taffy the white doggy and CoCo the black kitty frolic around in the backyard. I glanced over at our brick patio, looking at my herb garden to see if anything needed any watering, and suddenly remembered when we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment and my herb garden was in a teeny little space on our fenced-in patio. It made me stop and smile – I loved that patio! Yes, it was super small, but it was ours, and as long as I managed the space well, it worked well for us!

So when Amelia from PatioLiving contacted me and asked if I was interested in a guest post, well, I sure was! And she has some fantastic ideas for all of us to make the most of the outdoor space we have! 

We all know outdoor space can be very scarce, especially when you’re renting or living in an urban environment. However, it doesn’t take a lot of room to make a big statement; it just requires a little creatively and thoughtful planning! Follow our helpful tips and tricks on revamping a small balcony, and you’ll be making the most out of your petite space in no time.  

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Tip #1: Don’t Give Up On the Essentials

Just because your balcony is a bit cramped, don’t give on all the things you’d image your ideal space having. If you’ve always wanted an outdoor dining table, there are many two and four seat options available that will fit on most balconies. Most outdoor furniture comes in a variety of sizes for this exact reason. Never say never!


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Tip #2: Décor Makes All the Difference

No matter what the square footage, what really makes an outdoor space great is the décor. Taking time to thoughtfully select your pillows, planters, vases, and trinkets will be the biggest factor elevating your space from just okay to wow-worthy.



Tip #3: Take Your Garden to New Heights

We love potted plants and plant stands just as much as the next person, but in a small balcony they can take up a lot of valuable real estate. Opting for a vertical garden or hanging plants saves you floor space for more important things like furniture.


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Tip #4: Look for Space Saving Furniture

When your space is limited, you need to be smart with your shopping. There are a lot of outdoor furniture options on the market today that have dual functionality or space saving features. Collapsible tables and chairs are perfect for small spaces because they’re easily stored and arranged. Stools with hidden storage compartments under the seat, and coffee tables with extra shelving or drawers can help store textiles and reading materials— making more space on your end table for décor.


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Tip #5: Don’t Forget About the Floor

Just because your space is outside, doesn’t mean you should forget about all the comforts of an interior space. Would you deem your living room “finished” without the perfect rug? Didn’t think so. There are thousands of outdoor rugs out there that are perfect for balconies. Springing for a print or pattern is an easy way to add your personality and charm to the space. 

I’m inspired, Amelia, thank you so much! For more inspiration, check out PatioLiving

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