How to Manage Your Small Business At-Home

2020 has thrown us a lot of curveballs, with the current pandemic ranking #1 on the list. Initially, this presented a few benefits (who doesn’t wish for more time at home?), but more than anything, it’s created unexpected challenges, especially for small business owners.

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So how do you manage your small business from the confines of your home? Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your time and stay sane in the process!

Stick to a Schedule

We encounter a lot more distractions at home than we would at the office. From kids to spouses to roommates (oh my!), it can be easy to get overwhelmed amidst everything going on. Making a schedule and sticking with it can be easier to manage time (so your two-minute trip to check on the kids doesn’t turn into a two-hour tutoring session).

Whether you use a virtual calendar, like this free online template from Visme, or a physical one, it’s important to keep track of online meetings, phone calls, and any other business demands. 

Monitor Cyber Threats and Internet Attackers

Spending more time at home as a small business owner goes hand-in-hand with using more personal items. Your computer is just one of those essentials. With increased internet traffic, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking the right steps to safeguard your business assets.

Here are a few tips to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your business:

  • Back up all data to an online server, like the Cloud
  • Work with your bank and vendors to ensure your financial information is protected
  • Instill anti-virus software onto your computer, such as Bitdefender
  • Beware of phishing emails and suspicious pop-up links
  • Train other employees to use the same techniques with a workshop from the National Cybersecurity Alliance

While the very idea of hackers, phishers, and scammers can be a bit scary, there are so many ways to protect yourself. 

Oh, and we almost forgot the simplest tip of all: change your passwords regularly (yes, even that one that you’ve had since seventh grade—actually, especially that one)! 

Stay Calm

Perhaps the biggest challenge to managing your small business at home is staying calm, cool, and collected under pressure. At the end of a long workday (if there even is an end), engage in a cool-down routine of sorts: 

  • Take a hot bath for some mental and physical relaxation.
  • Start using essential oils as part of your meditative practice.
  • Try out a new recipe (with at least a few vegetables, for your own sake).
  • Start taking a daily dose of CBD gummies like the ones CBDfx sells.

Keep on Top of Finances

Staying on top of your personal finances is hard enough, so doubling the work with your company finances can seem daunting. But if you can do it for yourself, you can definitely do it for your business! 

Follow this helpful checklist to make sure you stay up to date and keep everything in order:

  • Download a helpful finance tracking app, like Wally, which consolidates all of your bank accounts into one convenient dashboard.
  • Pay your bills on time (easily trackable if you’re using a planner!).
  • Use a balance sheet to monitor income and expenses, and ensure your business is staying profitable.

Make Your Space Comfortable

While not everyone can afford the luxury of a home office, there are certain things you can do to make your space feel professional and cozy! Set up your home office in a more private part of your home, and make sure to keep paperwork orderly with filing cabinets or digital files.

The coming cold months are also the perfect time to give your home the warm and cozy upgrade it’s been needing. Make the most of natural light (while you still can!), and don’t be afraid to change up your décor. This will transform your space into a location you actually enjoy, and who knows? You might even like it more than your real office!

Not-So-Risky Business

With these simple tips, you’re sure to find continued success in managing your business and your home. Remember, there’s a reason you started this company oh-so-long (or not so long) ago—your passion and drive haven’t changed just because your physical location has. 

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