How to Make Your Home Move a Breeze

New year, new home?  Congratulations!  Whether your impending move is because you have finally bought your dream home or you just got the keys to that rental in the coolest neighborhood, this is, without doubt, both an exciting and terrifying moment in your life.  Many people say that moving home is one of the most stressful things they have ever done and we would tend to agree.  The thing is, it doesn’t need to be that way, and here are the best tips to make your house move less stressful.

Get Rid Of That Unwanted Junk

You’ll never have a better excuse to declutter. Ever.  Now is the time to throw out all of those things that you never use anymore.  The benefits of decluttering are many;

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  • Lower moving costs – less stuff to move is less space required in your van /truck.  A smaller van is significantly cheaper to hire if you’re doing the move yourself and if you’re using a moving company they might charge you less too as they will need fewer people.  Worst case, you need to buy fewer packing materials.
  • The move will be finished quicker.  Less boxing and unboxing for you to do.
  • Less likely to break or damage the stuff you want to keep as you won’t be under as much time or space pressure.

For handy tips on how best to go about decluttering before your move, read here.  

Stay Focused

It’s far too easy to be distracted by the memories attached to our stuff.  Maybe that giant sombrero reminds you of that wonderful trip you took in Mexico or the cracked vase reminds you of that time it was knocked over by your furry friend when he was a puppy. But all those minutes of reminiscing add up and before you know it the movers are here and you’re nowhere near ready.  You don’t want to rush, more haste, less speed, etc so make sure you don’t fall into the trap of losing track of the time.

Get Help

And we don’t mean that negatively, we don’t think you need a shrink. Getting professional help with your move is a good idea though. While handling the move yourself is cost-effective, a good local moving company is invaluable.  Yes, it may cost more than hiring a van, but a surefire way to lower your stress levels is to let the professionals do it for you. Moving companies will do what you can do yourself, just quicker and with less chance of damaging your belongings.  Here are a couple of hints when choosing your moving company;

  • Check out their online reviews – a great source of information.
  • Always get more than one quote.
  • Make certain they, and by extension, your goods are insured.
  • Ask about any extra services such as packing supplies or even a packing service, a little money spent here could save a fortune in time.

If you need help with your London house movers, check out these guys.

Write A Checklist

There will be so many things for you to keep track of that your checklist becomes your most valuable tool in the battle to minimize the stress of your move.  Spend some time before the move and, in your mind’s eye, picture the whole moving process from beginning to end.  As you do so, jot down any and all thoughts that come into your head (you can always remove them later) and this will form the spine of your checklist.

It’s actually a good idea to begin at the end and work forward.  Once you have a list formed, rearrange your thoughts in the order they are required to be dealt with.  For instance, is the electricity active in your new place?  That might need to be dealt with long before the move happens.  Same with your internet provider.

By removing things from your checklist as you go, you’ll avoid that horrible sinking feeling we all get when the realization dawns that we have forgotten to do something.

Label EVERY Box

And we do mean, everything.  There is nothing worse than finding yourself in your new place surrounded by boxes and needing something immediately.  You don’t want to be tearing apart boxes looking for toilet paper for example which, of course, has suddenly become a pressing issue.  

Labeled boxes will allow you to minimize the stress caused by the unpacking process. You want a coffee?  You know where the coffee machine is packed.  Need sugar? You know where that is too.

While the moving process is daunting, it is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, so try and enjoy it.  By following the above tips the move will be less stressful, meaning you will settle into your new place and get out exploring the neighborhood all the quicker.  

For tips on unpacking and moving in, read here.  

Happy Moving Day!

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