How to Make Your Home a Happier Place

When you’re at home, you want to feel like you’re in your own personal slice of heaven. The best way to do that is to appeal to all five of your senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. If your home isn’t making you happy, here are some simple changes you can make that cater to your senses to make your home a happier and more positive place.

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When you come in through your front door, you want everything you see to be something that makes you happy. Clear away any clutter and mess (shoes, coats, bags) and replace any junk on your surfaces with family photos and mementos from trips away. 

Decorate your walls with beautiful artwork—this doesn’t have to be expensive; just buy prints and frames separately to save on framing costs. 

To keep the warmth inside your home, you can always check into Bristol double glazing for window solutions. Filling your home with things you enjoy looking at and keeping them safe from outside elements is an easy way to make your home a happier place.


Have you ever wondered why music is always playing in stores? It’s to improve your mood and make you more likely to buy things. When you’re at home, you don’t need to trick yourself into buying something, but it’s still a good idea to have music on in the background. Research suggests that listening to music makes people happier, healthier, and even smarter, so when you’re at home, play music that makes you happy and feel your mood improve.


Make sure you always have food that makes you happy at home. Ideally, this would-be healthy food. Healthy food can improve your mood and even reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, so fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the positivity flowing.

You should also allow yourself treats on occasion. Why not set up a treat cupboard in the kitchen, filled with tasty snacks for when you want a little boost? Crisps, fine chocolate, and the occasional candy bar are all great options to improve your mood.

In addition, an excellent way to keep your kitchen clean is with table liners cheap! I always feel like everything tastes better in a clean space, and there shouldn’t be a large expense for that.


Nobody wants to live in a house that smells bad. If you have pets, it can be hard to kick the lingering odor of wet dog or cat food, but any bad smells won’t be helping your outlook. Place a scented candle in each room and light them regularly to fill your house with your favorite aromas.

You could also buy flowers to decorate your home—this will be beautiful to look at and smell. Flowers have actually been proven to help emotional health, so fill your home with bright and colorful flowers to improve its appearance and scent.


Improving the feeling of touch in your house involves making sure that it’s comfortable. If your couch is hard or lumpy, you could have it re-stuffed or just buy soft cushions and throws to make it more appealing and comfortable. Do the same in your bedroom and cover your dining table with a tablecloth to make it softer to the touch. 

Small changes in the home that appeal to all five senses will help turn your house into a happier place to live. Make the changes today and see how your mood improves.

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