How to Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleeping

If you are feeling easily worn-out these days, you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Getting proper rest is important at any age – even your children need sleep and so do you! Without sleep, your energy plummets, which means “goodbye productivity”. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t have that!

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One of the reasons why you’re not getting that much-deserved rest could be because of your bedroom conditions. It is important that you make your bedroom conducive for sleeping. Ever thought about that before?


Everyone loves a room with good lighting – natural lighting at its best. However, this could also be the reason why you’re rising earlier than usual. The light that floods your room signals your body to wake up. You will wake up whether you like it or not.  

What if you want to sleep more? What if it’s not yet your wake-up time? You want that well-lit room, but you also want a room that’s conducive for sleep. What should be the compromise? 

You can have both. You don’t have to give up the room which offers the best natural lighting. Blackout curtains or shades are the solution to your dilemma. They effectively keep out the sunlight when you’re still not ready to rise yet. 

This way you can still have the room with plenty of natural lighting and at the same time, have it totally dark during sleep time. 


Of course, we must talk about your bed. How long have you been using your bed? If you can’t remember the time you got it – it’s probably time to replace your mattress. You don’t have to replace the entire frame if it’s still okay, just change the mattress at the least. 

First, replace it for hygiene reasons. You don’t know what’s “residing” within the mattress already. There could be dust mites, bugs and even molds! Secondly, an old mattress can’t support your body that well anymore. 

It would eventually sag in some well-worn areas and that’s not good for your body’s alignment. This means the mattress can no longer support your body as it should – this could lead to body pains that could wake you up during your sleep. 

One reason why some people don’t like replacing their mattresses is because it’s too large to bring home from the store. Or it takes too long to have the seller deliver it. But did you know that you can actually purchase a mattress in a box? You can even make your life easier! These days you can simply buy mattress online right from the comfort of your own home, just in case the idea of going to a big ol’ mattress show room in NYC or some other fancy location doesn’t appeal to you!


Free your room of clutter. There’s no way you should sleep on your bed with other stuff sharing it. Your clothes, your gadgets, your children’s toys do not belong on your bed. Even the other areas of your bedroom – keep them organized. 

Let’s keep it real, when you see clutter all over your room – it’s really bothersome. How can you totally relax at the end of the day when there is still clutter all over? Clutter can totally distract you. Your sleeping space is sacred, it shouldn’t make you do some tidying tasks at bed time. 

So practice returning things right away where they should be. Designate places or bins inside your room where things should be placed. Keep it orderly to minimize distraction. 

Have you ever taken any steps to make your bedroom more conducive to sleeping? Any suggestions to add to mine?

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