How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese…on the GRILL!

If you’re an avid reader of the blog, then you KNOW that I’m starting to get excited for Fall! I LOVE Fall! Living in Florida, it takes a bit longer for Fall to get here than it takes in other areas, but I shall continue to wait…because one of these days…

Why do I love Fall so much? I like the way the air smells in the mornings. I like that the sky is normally a deep crisp blue. I love the leaves changing and all the Fall decor that the stores put out. And of course, there’s Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. I love it all!

Soup with Sandwich

Another aspect of Fall is the food that we break out during those months, and growing up, one of my favorite meals in the Fall was a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. My goodness, I can taste it now! 

So when Jamie from Ghergich Connect contacted me and asked if I was interested in this infographic, why yes! Yes I was! There are SO many great ideas here, too! Take a look!


How about THAT?! Now, tell me, aren’t you in the mood for some grilled cheese?! What’s YOUR favorite way to make it?

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13 thoughts on “How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese…on the GRILL!

  1. Well, I love agree about the Fall food and scents, too. Such a wonderful time! But about the grilled cheese, I have to admit that mine never turns out right. Hubby loves grilled cheese sandwiches but I guess I never meet his expectations. And with this info-graphic, boy I guess I am way off! I had no idea there were so many variations!

  2. I thought I had grilled just about everything there was to grill and never thought to actually GRILL a grilled cheese sandwich. Duh! I like how the infographic shows all the add-in ideas for grilled cheese sandwiches. I normally just have mine straight up alongside tomato soup, but I think I’ll color outside the lines and jazz it up a little bit.

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