How to Improve Your Home’s Lighting on a Budget

The growing popularity of resale stores and websites like Pinterest have made it easier to formulate economical and artistic ways of sprucing up your home’s lighting. However, they can also confuse you with a flood of images and design ideas available around you. If you’re looking for a simple way to reinvent your home’s lighting, you’ve come to the right place. How about some actionable tips to improve your home’s lighting without denting your pockets?

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Assess Your Lighting

Different areas in your home require different lighting. So, don’t make the mistake of the “uniform-lighting” approach, like other homeowners. Prioritising and organising your lighting will allow you to utilise the resources smartly. Focus on the basics – every room should have three lighting layers (accent, task and ambient). Browse Pinterest for creative design ideas and implement the same in your rooms.

Do Away With The Incandescent Lights

If you’re still using incandescent lights and hoping to cut your energy costs, we would suggest reconsidering your options. Incandescent lights waste more than ninety-percent of their energy in emitting the heat and also make the room warm, which can increase your AC usage, sky-rocketing your electricity bills.

Change the incandescent lights with the CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light). They are efficient and durable. Moreover, you can also choose from the efficient energy provider to ensure that you don’t pay more on your energy bills than what you’re actually supposed to.

Consider Using Christmas Lights

Use this little hack in your bedroom to notice big changes in your comfort level. Christmas lights are cheap and take up less space in your bedroom. They emit a comfortable glow and add to the beauty of your room.

Your bedroom needs to be welcoming to ease your tiredness after a hectic day. Having these lights will make watching TV or surfing the web enjoyable before retiring for the day.

Get Fixtures From Local Resale Stores

If you’re a fan of light fixtures, you know they don’t come cheap. However, you can consider buying the used vintage fixtures from local resale stores. Vintage fixtures look beautiful, and the second hand ones won’t be pricey either. If there aren’t many resale stores near your home, you can look for them in flea markets, Craigslist, or area garage sales.

Also, you may not always find the best vintage fixtures, so don’t expect that way. Rather, you can use your DIY skills and tweak them into a design you love. Again, browse Pinterest for amazing vintage fixture ideas. You won’t be disappointed!

New Shades Instead Of New Lamps

If you’re worried about getting your old fixtures back to life, new lampshades can help. As you go through Craigslist or garage sale, you will spot several standing lamps or old tables with a grimy shade. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a new lamp if the old one’s lamp is working.

You can always add a new shade to your existing lamp to match your room’s aesthetics. Decide the focal point and the colour theme of your room and create (or buy) matching shades that don’t cost much. remember, the goal is to spruce up your lighting on a budget.

Employ Dimmers Wherever Possible

Dimmers can add that missing “luxury appeal” to your dining table or living room. They aren’t pricey and work effectively in enhancing the area’s appeal. Moreover, to maximise their use, you must ensure you’re using the right energy provider for your home. Read red energy reviews and decide which energy provider is best for your home’s electricity needs.

Final Word

Sprucing up your home’s lighting on a budget is possible. It just requires dedication, willingness to do it, and some research. Take cues from this article to take your home’s lighting to the next level without denting your pockets!

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