How to Improve the Feng Shui of a Long Hallway

In our new home we have one very long hallway. I mean, it’s long, y’all. (I just now stopped to measure it – it’s actually almost 20 feet long).

On one side of the hallway, there are entrances to the nursery, the guest bath, the office and the guest bedroom. On the other side, all there is is an entrance to the living room and then this HUGE blank wall. I feel like it just goes on for miles!

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What in the world am I going to do with this hallway? That was one of the first things I asked myself when we moved in. I thought of a few things…

  1. All the pics over the years of the girls, I could just keep on framing them and adding them to the hall. But then, who would see them? Just us! I would want those to be out everywhere for folks to see!
  2. Well, if I didn’t want anyone to see, I could always start hanging those canvases I paint when I go to those painting parties. They’ll fill the space. And I really don’t care if anyone ever sees those or not. I’m certainly not what I’d call an artist!
  3. What if we could use it for storage with some kind of shelving system? But what on earth do we have to store that would take up that much room?!

To be honest, I’m still at a bit of a loss, but I’ve been tossing around a few more ideas of late. And here’s a good point: long, narrow hallways are prone to bad Feng Shui, if not cared for effectively. This is because it may have a combination of stagnant energy (Si Chi) and rushing (Sha Chi). Fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve your home’s Feng Shui.

The Hallway Style

The style of your hallway will determine the best Feng Shui option for your home. For example, if you are lucky enough to have some natural light shining into the hallway, you would be wise to cleverly position mirrors to maximize light throughout the home.

However, if there is a door located at the end of the hallway, you must be careful on the mirror’s positioning, as you could reduce the Feng Shui energy when entering a bedroom, as you can block some much-needed light.

Colorful Artwork

Colorful art and posters can provide a stagnant space with positive energy. Yet, it is advised not to arrange art in a straight line, as a creative arrangement can improve a hallway’s sense of flow and can take a visitor on a visual adventure.

Clever Lighting

The intensity of light should be cohesive throughout your home. This allows positive energy to flow from space to space, and can improve mood and well-being. Therefore, invest in high-quality lighting with a contemporary and happy-go-lucky factor such as Jonathan Adler, whose chic and clever designs take on that of a youthful spirit. To keep the ceiling clear, opt for their wall lights and use halogen or LEDs so light can be equally distributed – ideal for positive energy.

A Strong Focal Point

Stand in your hallway and look for the perfect place to create a strong focal point, which you can do so either with a work of art or bold wall color. For example, if you have a plain wall at the end of a hallway, it could be an ideal location to create a beautiful mural or hang colorful art or a mirror.

The Right Hallway Colors

There is a Feng Shui grid, known as the Bagua map, that represents your home, as it highlights traditional colors and elements that are associated with each compass direction. For instance, the north of your home should feature blue and black colors, which are water elements, while the south of your home should offer fire elements, such as red and orange.

The best way to achieve good Feng Shui is by carefully choosing colors for your long, narrow hallway. Do not paint with colors that can make a small space appear even smaller, and consider the size and shape of the hallway to pick the best shades for the space. Hallways are usually tight, and, therefore, your priority should be to open up the space and make it more open.

A long, narrow hallway doesn’t have to be dull and dark. You can add some much-needed light and energy into the space by following the above Feng Shui tips. Not only will you have a beautiful hallway, but these Feng Shui elements can be applied throughout the house. Improve your home, but also improve your mood.

Myself, now I’m thinking of making it kind of an art gallery for the girls. As they grow older and start doing various crafts, drawings, paintings and such, I can be ready to frame or mount them and add them to their “gallery”. At least that’s the idea I’ve settled on today!

Have you used Feng Shui within your home? Please feel free to share your advice in the comment section below!

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9 thoughts on “How to Improve the Feng Shui of a Long Hallway

  1. My parents have a very long hallway. As kids, we would turn it into a “haunted hallway” and basically jump out of doors & throw things at each other. Now that we’ve outgrown that, it’s time to help them incorporate some more style into it.

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    • As long as you’re not blocking the light, and the art is arranged so there are no straight lines, then not at all!

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