How to Hang Curtains – A Step-by-Step Guide – A Guest Post!

I never really gave too much thought to hanging curtains, to be perfectly honest. But I started noticing a few trends as I visited various blogs and pins. So when Matt Zajechowski from Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing contacted me regarding a guest post on hanging curtains, I couldn’t wait to read it! And when he shared this graphic with me, I got even more excited!


(You can view the full-size info graphic HERE!)

Here’s what Matt wanted to share with us:

The right window treatment can add a touch of elegance, brighten up a room, or complement an existing color scheme. From a practical standpoint, curtains can also be used to let in or block out light, keep in heat, and provide privacy. Every window needs some kind of curtain, but the type you choose will depend on your personal taste and what you want the curtains to accomplish. But how do you choose between, say, grommet, tab top, or café curtains? And how do you add curtain rods or decide on the length of the material you use?

You’re certainly not the first person who has pondered over the many different choices involved in hanging curtains, and luckily, Moshell’s has come up with a convenient infographic to walk you step-by-step through the process of selecting and installing a window treatment. Check it out if you want to learn how to:

Choose your window treatment type. If you go to a home décor store, you’re not just going to see a wall of identical cloth curtains, all cut to the same length. There are plenty of different options—curtains, drapes, valances, blinds, sheers, shades, cornices…and the list goes on. In Moshell’s infographic, you can learn how to install 3 of the most popular types of window treatments: valances, grommet or tab top curtains, and café curtains.

Make sure your material is the right width and length. Did you know that the width of your curtains will depend on the type of material you use? Or that you can adjust the length of your curtains to give the illusion that your ceiling is higher than it is? Yep, there’s a lot more to determining the width and length of your curtains than just measuring the window frame. To some extent, the width and length you choose is a matter of taste, but there are certain rules of thumb you should follow to make sure that your curtains don’t drag on the ground or get too bunched up when you pull them back. 

Select your curtain rods. Just as there are a wide range of window treatments, there are also a number of different curtain rod types to choose from. For example, if you’re hanging lightweight café curtains, you may just want to use a tension rod, which is inexpensive and fits directly into the window frame. However, if you’re hanging heavier duty curtains or valances, you’ll be better off using a classic rod or return rod.

Get your curtain rod brackets to the right height. If you’re adding valances as part of your window treatment, you’ll want to install your curtain rod just 2-4 inches above the window frame so that the bottom of the valance covers the frame. However, if you’re hanging regular full-length curtains, you can install the rod anywhere from about 4 inches above the window header to 6 inches below the ceiling. The higher the curtain rod, the taller the room will look once you add the curtains.

If you want to learn more about adding window treatments, including what tools you need to gather, how to install curtain rod brackets, and how to hem curtains to the right length, check out the info graphic HERE

Thanks so much, Matt! I appreciate your expertise, as, I’m sure, do all of my readers!

What about YOU? Curtain stories? Like ’em? Need ’em? Love ’em? Hate ’em?

96 thoughts on “How to Hang Curtains – A Step-by-Step Guide – A Guest Post!

  1. These are great tips. I’ve wanted to raise my rods up to give my windows/room height.. that was always my favorite tip, but years of accumulating my favorite lace curtain panels would mean I’d need to start buying curtains all over again. I’m really considering putting curtains up on the “wall” behind my bed instead of a headboard (then I can change easier), that will be right to the ceiling.. now I’m thinking I’ll have to move the window curtains up that high too so it doesn’t look unbalanced… ????? oy.. doing one thing always leads to another and another and another… hahaha..

  2. Oy, I know I have said this before, but you would die in my house. My curtains are just kind of strewn over the rods and are tied back all unevenly. Someday I will get that better homes & gardens look, though 😉

  3. I love the picture you have! So informative because I always have problems deciding how to hang things. Thank you so much!

  4. I need to get serious about my curtains. I can’t even tell you how much. This is going to be super handy when I decide to give up the “cover the windows any way possible” look.

  5. Currently I have blinds on all my windows but would love to hang some curtains-at least in the living room! There is some great information here which will definitely help me.

  6. Great info, thank you! Most of my windows have the invisible curtains, that kind that you do not have to hang or wash – ha ha. I need to think about it.

  7. It took me months to find just the right curtains at the right price when I was redoing my dining room. But I enjoyed the hunt. I’m a curtain-olic! 🙂

  8. great info! I am here laughing because I was watching Grey’s Anatomy last night and one of the characters couldn’t remember what a valance was called….she totally needed this graphic!

  9. Curtains are definitely such an important part of décor. The right fabric and curtain rod make a room. I love finials! There is definitely a formula for hanging window treatments. This is a super reference!

  10. Thank you for sharing this. I would really like to change the curtains in my living room. The color of my current ones make the room look so dark. It’s been about two years since I last bought curtains, and I was so frustrated at the fact that they’re not sold in pairs anymore. I had to purchase EACH panel, and wouldn’t you know it, every design I liked didn’t have enough panels available! LOL

  11. Great ideas, the way people hang curtains in the country I am right now in it’s totally different from how we used to do it back at home. There are so many great ways to do it!

  12. Great info graphic. My husband does the curtain hanging around here. He is meticulous about doing things exactly right. They all look great!

  13. This is a great reference Kristen. I like having everything maximized on my walls and love the look of ceiling to floor. My husband does all of that handywork, along with hanging pictures. He has his own special formula to make sure they’re perfect 😉

  14. We are in the process of doing some remodeling in my house and these tips will come in handy when I get the time to sit down and figure out my window treatment needs. Thanks!

  15. I am decorating a new home so this was perfect timing. We have blinds up but I plan to put drapes over them to make it look nicer. I never thought bout the width being different depending on the material you use.

  16. Great post! I love that curtains can really change the look and feel of a room. There are so many different styles you can create based on material and type. We have a lot of blinds in our house with no curtains but I have room darkening curtains in my son’s room which have been a lifesaver for helping him sleep in longer in the mornings! I love those things!

  17. Couple of years back when we brought our house my husband and I hung up the curtains in all our rooms. I wish I had this list back then. I would have made our job a lot easier.

  18. Hanging curtains havent been a problem for me…. Nope, it was the buying the curtains. When my son and I moved into our old house – I knew that he needed a good darkening curtain – went to buy 2 panels, and low and behold, I got 1 short length and one long length

  19. No horrible curtain hanging stories here. I can say a tip would be to be doubly sure your front is in the front and the back is in the back, it’s a pain to get the curtains all the way up just to discover they are backwards.

  20. Great post! I went so long without having curtains in any house I owned and then one day, we put our house on the market and I decided to purchase some curtains to help “beautify” the house. I was sold on curtains after seeing how much warmth they added to a room. Now if I could just figure out how to get them to hang properly.

  21. I use to love decor. Right now with two toddlers in the house. I use the $4 curtain rod. I buy the cheapest, most natural and most durable curtains. I will like the day when I can go back to decorating and enjoying it a lot more. Thanks for the infographic!

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