How to Get Your Home Clean in 20 Minutes!

“I love house cleaning,” said no one, EVER. But tidying up and tackling the household tasks should not necessarily be tedious, or take up your entire weekend. Managing one job at a day will make domestic cleaning feel less like a burden and more like a routine. Break down the work into manageable chunks of time and complete smaller bites every day for the next 30 days.  Take 20 minutes to do simple and easy projects like dusting, doing the laundry or wiping the surfaces.  

You think it’s impossible to tackle all these jobs in such a short time? The professionals from CleanNGone Central London think that this challenge will change completely your idea of domestic cleaning.

30-Day Cleaning Challenge or How to Get Your Home Clean in 20 minutes2

The Challenge

Although this is not a new method, it is an effective one. When faced with bigger and boring projects, you are more likely to procrastinate with them. It is normal to get overwhelmed by the size or the scale of a job.  On the other hand, sparing 20 minutes a day to sweep the floor or wash the dishes doesn’t sound like a lot to do. You will be encouraged when you see progress right away. Create a schedule that fits into your needs and lifestyle or print out one from the internet. For example, one day you can clean the bathroom and on the other, you can vacuum all floors. The best thing about this challenge is that it is completely customizable. As long as you are completing small chores every day, you are doing it right.

Set a Timer

Pick two or three chores you will tackle today and decide how time you will need for each. Then set your kitchen timer for 5 or 10 minutes, depending how long you think it will take to finish the task.   When you know you have only limited time to get done with the job, you will be less likely to get distracted by social media, emails and so on.

Play Some Music

Even if you don’t feel like cleaning today, music can put you in the right mood for some action. Blast your favourite soundtrack and you will immediately feel more energized. Music will take your mind from the tedious tasks and will help you get through the process quickly.

30-Day Cleaning Challenge or How to Get Your Home Clean in 20 minutes1

Do the Dishes after Every Meal

Don’t wait until there is an enormous pile of dishes in your sink. It will make it more overwhelming and easier to put off. The same goes for other day-to-day chores like doing the laundry and taking out the trash.

Update Your List

Once you are done with the 30-day challenge, you can also include tasks that should be done monthly or quarterly.  It is easier to plan large projects like carpet cleaning when they are perceived as part of the routine.

This is a great opportunity to change your bad habits and replace them with better ones. According to researches, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. So hopefully by the end of 30-day challenge you will have no problems staying on top of your household chores.

What do you think? Would this method work for you around your home?

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25 thoughts on “How to Get Your Home Clean in 20 Minutes!

  1. To set a timer is a must if you want to get done with cleaning asap. Sometimes when we’re doing a team cleaning, we set up these colleague contest, who will handle his cleaner part faster, but 20 minutes is really tight.

  2. I love this! In fact, I have a post planned like this. I have a routine (although I have neglected it for a while through moving and such). But I am getting back into it. I was all out of sorts without it. It is true – a routine and breakdown of the task really makes it easier!!

  3. I can’t stand a cluttered kitchen and dishes in the sink can send me over the edge. 🙂
    It’s amazing how much you can get done in 20 minutes when you set a timer. Cleaning house is certainly not my favorite thing to do, but it’s manageable when I clean as I go. These are all great tips!

  4. We do the dishes after every meal. My main challenging the morning routine of tidying up, vacuuming and cleaning the floors. I don’t see how I can do this in 20 minutes.

  5. I think we are on the right track! We do always play music (really helps!) and do the dishes after every meal. Setting a timer is a great idea. Gives us some sort of goal/deadline.

  6. I always do the dishes, pots and pans after each meal. I take the garbage out each day–I make sure to grab the bag and walk to the garbage shoot before O get on the elevator. As for the rest of the chores–not sure if it would work for me or not–but worth a try.

  7. Maybe I should hire you to come clean my house. It’s over 2400 square feet and I swear it’s never ending. Haha. These are great tips to clean house, and in record time? I am game to try!

  8. I needed to read this because coming home from work every day just leaves me so exhausted, I have let my house get away from me and I need to clean it back up! I’m going to try to implement some of these ideas tomorrow!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  9. I always plug my headphones in and catch up on my podcasts! I’m always so behind because they’re always updating my feed with new ones before I have time to catch up! So this is a good way to get them done while also tidying up the house 🙂

  10. All great tips to help us get those cleaning gloves on and busy. If all else fails, hire a cleaner and kick back with a smoothie!

  11. simple and great article (and comments too) on #housecleaning
    I use ‘pomodoros’ timer which utilize 25 minutes of time with 5 minutes break and it is really really effective
    Also favourite music playlist/podcast is a great companion. (a bluetooth speaker/headphone help to achieve it less cumbersome)
    Dishes after every meal/ picking up toys always after kids play session helps a lot in the cleaning chores.
    My mom always says ”It is not only how you ”do” your tasks is important but how you complete your tasks is more important

  12. Great house cleaning tips, Kristen. Dividing a cleanig project into smaller chores is the way to go. You have to stay with it though, otherwise it will feel like unending cleaning without noticeable results. I am sure that professional cleaning companies wouldn’t want anyone to find out about these tips 😉

  13. Honestly, this sounds like a science fiction to me. I cannot clean my room in less than one hour, let alone my whole apartment in 20 minutes. It is such a drag for me, housekeeping.

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