How to Cook Different Types of Beef Cuts the Right Way

There’s a great little grocery store in my hometown. It’s called Felton’s.

If you happened upon Felton’s, you might pass it by, honestly. It’s not large, and it’s pretty unassuming. But if you did indeed pass it by, you would be missing one of the best places in Central Florida to pick up delicious cuts of meat. Not only do they HAVE amazing cuts, but they also have great folks who can explain them to you! Which is why it dawned on me the other day that sometimes I don’t even know what type of meat I’m viewing unless someone tells me. I need to work on this!

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I guess anyone, when visiting a butcher shop, could become confused with the different types of beef cuts available. So having some basic knowledge regarding the different cuts and their cooking methods can make our time in the kitchen so much easier.


How about you? Do you want to cook beef cut you’ve never tried before? Let’s take a look at different beef cuts and how you can cook them the right way…and allow me to learn right along with you, will ya?

The Rump Steak

The round or rump steak is cut from the rear leg of cows. It’s a lean meat that contains little to no fat. Since cows constantly use their legs, this cut is quite tough and is best roasted or braised.


The chuck is present near the neck and shoulder of cows and is perfect for grilling or preparing pot roasts. Since it contains a myriad of connective tissues, this cut is quite tough. You need to cook it at medium heat in a crock pot to add flavour.

Here are some common types of chuck cuts:

  • Top blade
  • Check eye
  • Ranch steak
  • Shoulder steak
  • Chuck roast

Rib Cuts

Rib cuts are known for their tenderness and juiciness. The finest cuts, such as the prime rib, short rib, and rib-eye filet should better be slow cooked or roasted at medium heat. However, the fattier cuts, such as rib-eye steak taste the best when grilled or fried.

Brisket Cuts

Brisket cut is obtained from the lower portion of cows. It’s the favorite cut of foodies who enjoy BBQs. There are two main cuts of this meat, i.e. brisket point cut and brisket flat cut. Just like the chuck cut, it also contains many connective tissues. Therefore, you should roast or cook it at low heat to get the best flavor.

Sirloin Cuts

Sirloin cuts are lean cuts of meat, obtained from the rear of cows. They are suitable for grilling, but you can also stir-fry them at high heat. However, this cut won’t work if you want to prepare slow-cook meat.

The major types of sirloin cuts include:

  • Filet mignon
  • Tri-tips
  • Bavette
  • Roast
  • Strip steak

Round Cuts

Round cuts are a lean meat that comes from the back legs of cows. Here are the cooking guidelines for round beef cuts:

  • Top, Bottom and eye round cuts should be prepared at a high heat
  • The rump, round, and eye roast are the right choices for slow-cook meals

Loin Cuts

Loin, strip loin, and short loin cuts are lean beef cuts. They are best fried or grilled at high heat.

Flank Cut

The flank cut is one of the toughest beef cuts, which is why it works best with moist cooking methods such as braising. It’s obtained from near the abdominal muscles.

When cooking meat, always wash hands before handling meat and keep it away from other food items to prevent foodborne illnesses. Now that you know how to prepare different beef cuts, you can try out the recipes you’ve never tasted before! Pro tip: Use a wireless meat thermometer to cook your various beef cuts at the respective perfect temperature.

So what’s for dinner tonight!? Do tell!

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  1. This is such an educational write-up about the different cuts of beef. I enjoyed learning things – sometimes I just cook beef (well, most the time) and don’t really know what part of the cow it comes from and how it would cook best. #HomeMattersParty

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