How to Clean Windows Like a Professional in 3 Easy Steps

Okay. Time for some honesty. We’ve been in our current house for an entire year next month…and I haven’t cleaned the windows. None of them. Not even once. **SIGH**

Window cleaning is a task that most of us avoid (hi there, hello!) but it is also one that, if left neglected, becomes more difficult to manage over time. (Oh yeah. It’s gonna be fun, eh?) It isn’t an easy or convenient task but, in my experience, most people have a tendency to make the process more labor-intensive than it needs to be. Here is an easy 3-step process that will keep your windows looking bright and clean and you will only need to do it twice a year on average!


Follow these quick tips from Clean Conscience, a professional home cleaning service provider in Broomfield, CO.

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Step #1: Use a Strip Applicator

This is a good first step, especially for larger windows. Swab the surface with a mostly-water mixture with a few drops per gallon of any common dish soap. You don’t want the solution to be too sudsy, but you do want it to be soapy enough to break up the dirt that has settled on the panes over time. Strip applicators allow you to cover a large area at one time and they also absorb a majority of the soap. This will be important later on.

Step #2: Wipe the Panes Clean with a Squeegee

We’ve all seen professional window cleaners do this and it isn’t just for show. The squeegee removes any remaining soap and water from the panes and helps you avoid streaking. Start at the top left-hand corner and swipe back and forth downward in a backwards “s” motion. The fewer times the squeegee actually leaves the pane, the better. You will get a more uniform result if you cover most of the area in a single swipe. Wipe the squeegee clean between strokes with a lint-free rag to keep it dry and clean.

Step #3: Wipe Dry Any Spots the Squeegee Missed

Using a new, clean chamois that has been dipped in water and wrung thoroughly to wipe up any remaining soapy water that the squeegee didn’t get. The chamois will absorb the excess without leaving streaks. When finished, use a dry rag to thoroughly wipe the pane dry.

Special Considerations for Small or Multi-Paned Windows

When it is difficult to use a strip applicator, a clean sponge will do the trick. It is also recommended that you modify a squeegee to fit the panes to be cleaned and swipe straight down from the top. From there the process is identical to the above: sop up any excess with a chamois and wipe dry with a clean rag.

Seems pretty simple, and thank goodness, because I just counted the windows we have in this house: 24. Holy moly. I’ve got my work cut out for me. Better get busy!

What’s YOUR best tip for cleaning windows?

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