How to Care for Your Dog Organically

Did you know that half of all dogs are now diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life? Anyone who has ever lost a dog will tell you of the heartache and bereavement they felt at the passing of their beloved ‘family member’. When we last our Taffy girl early last year, we knew it was only a matter of time until we opened our family to another canine.

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After a few months, we visited a local animal control location and took home a new family member. This is Trixie!

She actually looks kinda small in this photo, but Trixie is an almost-80-pound pure-bred Chocolate Labrador Retriever. She is literally our third toddler. (Because why not?!) And her health is just as important to us as any other member of our family.

Dogs are now living in a chemical bubble as homes around the globe are filled with chemicals from cleaning products, pesticides, air fresheners, and food. Happily, ditching these chemicals to give your dog a healthier life and a better chance against cancer can also benefit you, as you will automatically be reducing your own exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. After all, you care for your family’s health – why not care for your dog organically, too?

Switch to Non-Toxic Products

Around your home are several potentially harmful products that you are exposing your dogs to. From cleaning to personal care, you should have a look at all the products you have around the home and see where you can make safer choices. 

Check the ingredients on all your products and see if any of them contain the following:

  • Artificial fragrances and phthalates
  • Artificial colors
  • Formaldehyde preservatives Quaternium-15 Diazolidinyl urea, DMDM Hydantoin Imidazolidinyl urea and Bronopol
  • Parabens

All these products have been linked to cancer, and you should avoid using them at all. There are plenty of homemade recipes to help you on your journey towards creating a healthier environment for you and your four-legged friends, but as a starting point, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are two very useful ingredients that will tackle most household problems with ease.

Consider Medicating Your Dog Naturally

Every year we medicate our dogs with potentially harmful chemicals. Regular use of parasite treatments can build up to harmful levels of toxic chemicals in your pet. Consider switching to natural alternatives such as ground pumpkin seeds to treat worms.

Vaccine use can even lead to seizures in extreme cases, and research has shown that immunity from most core vaccines can last up to nine years, which would make annual vaccinations unnecessary. Titer testing will show if your dog requires vaccinations or not and can help avoid over-vaccinating. 

For the treatment of common ailments such as arthritis, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and epilepsy, consider CeeBeeDoo CBD products, which offer proven, effective natural relief.

Change to a Raw Diet

Despite the outlandish claims by kibble manufacturing companies that their product is supplying your dog with a complete, healthy, and nutritious meal, this is rarely the case. The starchy carbohydrates and heat that are used to give kibble its crunchy texture destroy any nutrients. As well as this kibble is prone to mold, which grows on the pellets when it is stored in a moist environment. This can potentially grow into a carcinogenic state and cause problems such as anemia, liver and kidney failure, and cancer.

The canine digestive system is designed to absorb nutrients through high levels of protein, so foods that are the healthiest to eat are meat with small amounts of offal and vegetable. Aim for a diet that is 80% meat and 20% bones, offal, fruit, and vegetables for the most balanced option. Even a quick search on Pinterest will result in tons of organic dog food recipes, some even as simple as using your slow cooker!

How do YOU care for your dog organically? What method(s) do you use?

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